What is the denier challenge mw2

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what is the denier challenge mw2

On CALL OF DUTY MW2 what is the denier challenge?

Nov 21,  · On CALL OF DUTY MW2 what is the denier challenge? I want to unlock the eblem u get when you complete this but i dont know what or where the challenge is. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Anonymous. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. I think that would be the one where yo have to destroy a enemies tactical insertion. 0 0. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has many challenges to help players rank up. Below is a list of all of the different categories. 1 Primary Weapons Assault Rifles Submachine Guns Light Machine Guns Sniper Rifles 2 Riot Shield 3 Secondary Weapons Machine Pistols Shotguns Handguns Launchers 4 Perks 5 Equipment 6 Basic Training - Section unlocked at Level 6 7.

Get a game winning killcam with a Riot Shield. Once painkiller is active, survive enough to kill you normally as you kill another player. Use Copycat to copy a class and kill the same enemy you copied the class from. Launch 25 AC's.

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an what is the procedure for a cat scan Start a Wiki. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki. Challlenge the "Fly Swatter" challenge. Shoot down an enemy helicopter. Complete the "Stickman" challenge.

Stick a Semtex Grenade to the enemy in a game winning Killcam. Complete the "Base Jump" challenge. Fall 15 feet or more and survive. Complete the "Both Barrels" challenge. Kill an enemy with the Ranger by firing both barrels at the same time.

Complete the "Techno Killer" challenge. Get a game winning kill with the Stealth Tje. Complete the "Vandalism" challenge. Destroy a car. Complete the "Sponge: III" challenge. Absorb 50, damage with the Tthe Shield.

Cenier the "Mach 5" challenge. Fire an entire SMG Mag into enemies without missing. Complete the "True Liar" challenge. Get a game winning kill with a Harrier. Complete the "Hard Landing" challenge. Kill an enemy that is in mid-air. Get 30 assists. Complete the "Dictator" wht.

Fire an entire Alexa goddard how to love Mag into enemies without missing. Complete the "Finishing Touch" challenge. Denied a game winning killcam with a Rhe Airstrike. Complete the "Unbreakable: III" challenge. Kill 15 enemies through a surface using bullet penetration. Kill 30 enemies while you are crouching. Complete the "Transformer" challenge.

Get a game winning kill challlenge a Pavelow. Complete the "Afterburner" challenge. Call in an airstrike 2 times in a single match. Complete the "The Surgical" challenge. Fire an entire Assault Rifle Mag into enemies without missing. Kill 30 enemies while you are prone. Complete the "Group Hug" challenge.

Kill multiple enemies what is the denier challenge mw2 a Semtex Grenade stuck to one of them. Complete the "Invincible" challenge. Get 5 health regenerations from xhallenge damage in a row, without dying. Complete the "Death from Above" challenge. Get the Game winning kill with an AC Complete the "Fast Swap" challenge. Hurt an enemy with primary weapon, Then finish them off with a pistol. Complete cjallenge "Did you see that? Kill someone with a Throwing Knife while flashed or stunned.

Complete the "Money Shot! Get a payback in the game winning killcam. Complete the "It's Personal! Hurt an enemy then finish them with a Throwing Knife. Complete "OG" challenge. Complete the "Bomb Prevention II" challenge. Kill 10 enemies while they are planting the bomb. Complete the "Flawless Challenge". Survive an entire game. Complete the "Back Smasher" challenge. Crush an enemy from behind with the Riot Shield. Kill 15 Enemies with the Shield Melee Attack. Complete the "Hi Def" challenge.

Get a game winning Killcam with a Chopper Gunner. Complete "Hot Potato II" challenge. Get 30 kills with C4. Complete the "The Avenger" challenge. Avenge 3 teammates in a single match. Complete the "Defuser II" challenge Defuse 10 bombs. Complete the "Bomb Down" challenge. Kill a bomb carrier. Complete the what is the night watch Bye" challenge.

Fall 30 feet or more to your death. Complete the "All Pro" challenge. Get 2 headshots with 1 bullet. Complete the "Perfectionist" challenge Fire an renier Sniper Mag into enemies teh missing. Complete the "Sidekick" challenge. Three kills with your secondary weapon in one life. Kill 30 enemies with Claymores. Complete the "Renaissance Man" challenge.

Kill 3 enemies with 3 different weapons in a single life. Complete the "Bomb Defender II" challenge. Kill 10 enemies defusing bombs. Win a Team Hardcore match with the top score. Complete cahllenge "Return to Sender" challenge. Kill an enemy by shooting their own explosive. Complete the "Car Bomb II" challenge. Kill ten enemies by destroying cars. Complete the "Backdraft: III" challenge. Destroy 15 enemy equipment. Get 50 kills with frag grenades. Complete the "Carnie III" challenge.

Get 30 kills with a Throwing Knife.

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The Denier: Challenge: "The Denier"(lvl61) - Kill an enemy just before they earn a 10 or higher killstreak reward. Yes General Gameplay 40 Quickdraw: Challenge: "Fast Swap"(lvl53) - Hurt an enemy with a primary weapon, then finish them off with a pistol. Yes General Gameplay 41 Hired Gun. The Denier: Challenge: “The Denier” – Kill an enemy just before they earn a 10 or higher killstreak reward. Yes: General Gameplay: Quickdraw: Challenge: “Fast Swap” – Hurt an enemy with a primary weapon, then finish them off with a pistol. Yes: General Gameplay: Hired Gun: Challenge: “Counter C4: II” – Kill 20 enemies. The denier challenge is in either the very last set of challenges or the one right before it. You don't get the challenge unlocked until a fairly high level. User Info: effin_ninjas. effin_ninjas - 11 years ago 0 1. Answer this Question. You're browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest.

Payback challenges are, as it sounds, all about getting payback. To get payback, you have to kill a player than has recently killed you. You can only get payback once after being killed by that player; to get it again, you need to be killed by them again.

Perhaps the hardest part about getting payback challenges is finding the players that killed you and killing them in the specific way required. In general, just play the game. Many, such as getting payback with headshots, will simply happen as you play.

Some, like getting payback with a copycat class, requires something special from you. All of these challenges are unlocked at level Looking for a guide on how to use the weapons in Modern Warfare two most effectively?

Check out this online weapons guide for ideas! Worth 3, and 10, EXP respectively. This challenge is relatively easy to get through the course of normal gameplay. Just throw semtex grenades and try to kill people. Slightly harder than payback with semtex, C4 packs are just as deadly if you use them properly.

Headshots are a good way to kill players and they complete dozens of challenges, so getting payback with them will be par for the course. This challenge is tricky. A person has to kill you, and then kill you again, and while in last stand that second time, you kill them.

This makes this challenge difficult. However, playing with last stand constantly should get you the kills you need eventually. Just keep at it. This is another challenge almost as easy as the semtex paybacks. Use the same tips mentioned there, just use Frag Grenades instead.

Worth 3, EXP. Unlocks the Rainmaker title and the Soap emblem. This one you just might get along the way with semtex paybacks. Fortunately, the better the player that kills you, the more likely you are to be able to kill them with their own class. ATM - Get a payback with a throwing knife. Money Shot - Get a payback with a game-winning killcam. Break the Bank - Get payback with a claymore. This one is pretty easy too. Elite challenges require you to perform somewhat more advanced moves in the course of play.

Cooking grenades instead of just throwing them, or getting a knife kill when all your ammo is empty. Many of them, like the other challenges, will happen in the course of regular play. Each of these challenges is unlocked at level Curious what it takes to play Modern Warfare 2 online?

Check out this guide to online play. Worth 2,, 5,, and 10, EXP respectively. Simple; hold the grenade for a second or two before you throw it. Frag grenades have a fixed time between button press and detonation. If you hold it, you can let it explode closer to where you throw it instead of having it roll or bounce away.

With a little practice, it becomes easy to kill people around corners and over ledges by cooking a grenade to explode right when it nears them. These are slightly difficult to do, but are made easier by the fact that most players will lay a claymore to protect them and then lay down right next to it. Use SitRep to find where claymores are, and shoot them.

Challenge I unlocks the I. This is more difficult than the claymore challenge, because most people fail to use C4, and if they do, they throw and detonate relatively quickly. Like the claymore challenge, run SitRep and hunt down C4 packs. The Brink - Get a 3 or higher kill streak while near death. Worth 4, EXP. Unlocks the Flatliner title and samurai helmet emblem. Near death, in this case, means your screen is read and flashing. Sometimes a grenade launcher will net you the multi-kill you need.

Fast Swap - Hurt an enemy with your primary weapon, then switch to a pistol and finish them off. Unlocks the Quickdraw title and the bullet casing emblem. The hardest part of completing this challenge is remembering to do it.

Looking for something different? Check out this guide to the weapons in Modern Warfare 2 campaign. Unlocks the The Mastodon title and the tsunami emblem.

This one simply requires you to get the right ratio of kills to deaths. If you die once, you need five kills. Twice, and you need ten.

You have to die at least once to get this. Dying once and camping for five kills, then hiding out of the way until the match ends would work. Alternatively, playing normally until you naturally hit a good game works too. How The? Unlocks the How The? You do not need to use FMJ rounds for this to count, however they make it easier to shoot through walls.

SitRep lets you know where explosives are. You may get this while attempting the Counter-Claymore and Counter-C4 challenges. Dominos - Kill an enemy by setting off a chain reaction of explosives. Unlocks the The Domino Effect title and the clockwork gears emblem. This one requires you to set off at least two explosives, the last of which kills the enemy. Using SitRep, find a claymore around a wall.

Throw a C4 near it and shoot your C4. If this sets off the claymore you could kill the player inside and net the challenge complete. Invincible - Regenerate from damage five times without dying.

Unlocks the The Invincible title and the abrams tank emblem. Being damaged happens a lot. Regenerating happens a lot. Doing it five times without dying in between is complicated and requires you to wander into enemy territory several times and still come out alive.

You could taunt a sniper if you know where one is, or use the riot shield and intentionally let your legs remain unprotected. Survivalist - Survive for five minutes without dying in a single match.

Unlocks the Live Long… title and the pink heart skull emblem. Find a nice place to hide. Use Ninja, Cold Blooded, and a silencer if you have to fight. Try to stay alive as long as possible.

This works best if you find your hiding place at the start of the match. Unlocks the Enemy of the State title and the gorilla king emblem. Playing non-respawning game modes like Search and Destroy is the easiest way to do this. Alternately, you can get it in hardcore team deathmatch, but the timing is hard.

One possibility is if your teammates are all team killing and getting long respawn timers, that would be your chance. Otherwise you likely only have ten or so seconds to try. The Resourceful - Kill an enemy by sticking an ally with a semtex. Unlocks the Friends with Benefits title and the tire emblem. If you know where the enemies are and know an ally is charging them, stick them with the semtex. Alternately, you can get a friend to wait for you to stick them and run into an enemy.

The Survivor - Kill an enemy with the knife while your ammo is empty. Unlocks the Survivor title and the brass knuckles emblem. Use low-ammo guns like SMGs that shoot quickly, and machine pistols that can empty their clips quickly. A knife-runner build works well for this as well; use an SMG, marathon, lightweight, and commando.