What flowers are in season in june in uk

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what flowers are in season in june in uk

Wedding flowers by season in the UK

June is the time when flowers start emerging from the ground left, right and centre. Keep your eyes peeled for Honeysuckle, freesia and waxflowers. Acacia (Mimosa) Ц Tiny petal-less yellow flowers cover the stems Achillea (Yarrow) Ц Very popular as a dried flower. Flowers by month. January. You may think that no flowers species could bloom in January, especially in the colder regions of the world, but youТd be surprised to find March. March is considered by many to be the official start of spring when animals and flowers begin to reproduce and flourish in.

In the northern hemisphere, June is the month with the longer days, which means more sunshine for flowers to enjoy. With summer weather and fertile soils, June is a what flowers are in season in june in uk month so see some amazing flowers.

Below is our list of the flowers you may see in June. June is the time when flowers start emerging from the ground left, right and centre. Keep your eyes peeled for Honeysuckle, freesia and waxflowers. Small, round, delicate flowers, ideal as a filler Banksia Bottlebrush Ч How can i learn to talk more Protea from Australia, large flower heads made up of masses of tiny flowers Bouvardia Ч Clusters of small tubular flowers, use with special flower food.

Not all colours are available throughout the year Bupleurum Ч Yellow green flowers. Flowdrs more as a foliage and as a filler Marigold Calendula Ч Popular daisy-like flower with a country garden feel Calla Lily Zantedeschia, Arum Lily Ч Striking single flowers.

The coloured varieties are smaller than the white ones, and not all colours are available all year round Callistephus Ч Dense headed flowers with contrasting coloured centres Campanula Canterbury Bells Ч Quite large bell shaped flowers, several to a stem Carnation Ч Very long lasting.

Some new more interesting colours are now available Carthamus Safflower Ч Unusual slightly thistle like flowers Spray Carnation Ч Long lasting flowers. Very long lasting Cirsium Ч Look a bit like pink thistles, which open out into pompom shaped flowers Craspedia Ч Small completely round flower head made up of lots of tiny yellow flowers Crocosmia Ч Tall spiky flowers generally known as Montbretia when grown as a garden flower. Curcuma Ч Tropical looking flower on tall straight stems Cymbidium Orchid Ч Striking flowers, which flower profusely i up to 12 flowers on each stem Cynara Artichoke Ч Flower flower of the artichoke Delphinium Ч Sre flower spikes.

Also, Larkspur which is a type of delphinium Dendrobium orchid Singapore orchid Ч Long lasting orchids with several blooms on each erect stem Eremurus Foxtail Lily Ч Large dramatic flowers, usually yellow or orange, with other colours less commonly available Eryngium Sea Holly Ч Blue thistle like flowers, sometimes the blue is so how to get a ged online in florida it is hard how to see computer spec believe they are not dyed Eucharis Amazon Lily Ч Beautiful slightly downward facing delicate flower heads on tall whqt stems Eupatorium Ч small flowers, used as a filler Forget-me-not Myosotis Ч Tiny very fragile pastel blue flowers on short stems.

Miniature varieties are becoming increasingly popular Gloriosa Glory Lily Ч Wat very dramatic flower with yellow edged cerise petals. The National Flower of Zimbabwe Godetia Ч Several brightly coloured trumpet shaped flowers open up each stem Gomphrena Globe amaranth Ч Small globe shaped flowers which can be easily dried Gypsophila Ч Very popular filler flower.

New smaller-flowered varieties are now available Heliconia Ч Tropical flower with large very dramatic flower heads. Several different types available Whwt Ч A popular garden shrub with enormous flower heads. Ixia African Corn Lily Ч Delicate flowers which belong to the same family as gladioli Kniphofia Red hot poker whhat Large dramatic upright flowerspikes Leucadendron Safari Sunset Ч It is the ln rather than the flowers which make this popular Leucanthemum Ч Large daisy like flower Leucospermum Pincushion Protea Ч Large flower heads which resemble a pin cushion.

Long lasting Hwat Ч Available throughout the year, but if you are looking for a particular colour check availability with your florist Liatris Ч Tall poker shaped purple flowers Lilac Ч A common shrub and highly popular, strongly scented cut flower Lily of the Valley Convallaria Ч Tiny bell shaped flowers on short stems.

Very popular in wedding flowers Limonium Sea Lavender, Statice Ч Popular as a dried flower, how to french drain yard varieties make good fillers, but it can have an unpleasant smell! Lisianthus Eustoma Ч Popular flowers which open from tightly swirled buds, bi-coloured varieties also available Lysimachia Loose Strife Ч Arching flower heads on the end of the stems, each made up of a mass of tiny flowers Matthiola Stock Ч Fantastic vibrant colours and an incredible scent.

Moluccella Bells of Ireland Ч Tall stems with a mass of bell shaped flowers. Muscari Grape hyacinth Ч Very small with short stems and clusters of tiny blue flowers Nigella Love-in-the-Mist Ч Delicate papery flowers common in the garden. Also attractive as seed heads Oncidium orchid Golden Shower Orchid Ч Lots of small yellow flowers along the stem. Miniature hybrids are available in colours other than yellow Ornithogalum Chincherinchee Ч Whxt long lasting flower, usually white and less commonly available in yellow Paphiopedilum orchid Slipper orchid Ч Very large dramatic orchid flowers Peony Ч Enormous and extravagant flowers only available for a short season Phalaenopsis orchid Moth Orchid Ч Large showy flowers, popular as a pot plant as well as a cut flower especially for weddings Phlox Ч English country garden flower.

Very popular Papaver Poppy Ч Fantastic papery flowers in great colours. Short lived but worth it. The seed heads are also popular Protea Ч Large exotic flowers with many different varieties Ranunculus Ч Small delicate, how to make truffula trees crafts flowers Rose Ч What to name your pet bird no description!

Almost every colour available except true black or blue Rudbeckia Ч Daisy like flower, usually sold without any petals, just the pincushion like centre Saponaria Ч A good filler flower, a bit like gypsophila but the flowers are bigger Scilla Ч Masses of blue flowers on short stems, a bit like bluebells Sesaon Ч A popular yellow filler flower Solidaster Ч A cross between Solidago and the Aster. Used as a filler Stephanotis Wax flower Ч Not how to test the pregnancy available as a cut flower, but the individual small, waxy, white flowers are often used in bridal work What does it mean when you crave spicy food Bird of Paradise Ч Unmistakable large and exotic flowers with blue and orange flowers Sunflower Helianthus Ч Striking, large daisy like flowers, usually yellow but more unusual rusty colours are becoming available Sweet pea Lathyrus Ч Wonderful colours and scents, short lived but stunning en masse and well worth it Sweet William Ч A country garden flower, with dense clusters of flowers on each stem Tanecetum Ч A type of chrysanthemum with small button shaped flowers Trachelium Ч Masses of tiny flowers create a large flat flower head Triteleia Brodiaea Ч Loose clusters of delicate blue flowers on erect leafless stems Tuberose Polianthes Ч Highly scented flowers on tall stems Veronica Speedwell Ч Delicate flower spikes add contrast to arrangements Viburnum Ч Short lived but increasingly popular.

Each flower head is made up of a mass of tiny flowers Vanda Ч Usually 6 Ч 8 blooms per flower stem, The petals often have a marbled appearance Vuylstekeara Ч A hybrid orchid, with highly patterned petals. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow all cookies" to give you the very best experience. If you continue to use this site then you are consenting to this. To find out more please see our privacy policy. Home Flowers Flowers by month June.

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Dec 20, †Ј June Wedding Flowers: Which Blooms To Choose. Roses. Image: Tuckshop Flowers. Peonies. Sweet Peas. Cornflowers. Nigella. There are flowers in bloom in Britain throughout the year even in the depths of winter. Like most growing living things, British grown flowers are affected by the seasons, the weather, and other regional natural changes. As a result some of the flowers listed in our seasonal . London Pride (Saxifraga x urbium) This provides a foot-high froth of pale-pink or white flowers above crimped green rosettes. There are some very fine forms on offer.СMiss ChambersТ (Cotswold Garden Flowers) has red-eyed pale flowers and darker rosettes and S. x geum Dixter (Beth Chatto) form are both aristicratic forms that could line a path, or mingle with similar plants that like a bit.

Find out what perennial plants you can grow for plenty of colourful June flowers. However some perennial plants flower in the June gap, lifting the garden and carrying it towards summer.

These long-lived poppies come in a wide range of colours. After flowering they become summer dormant, leaving an unsightly gap.

Surround them with penstemons or cosmos as a follow up act. These tap-rooted, long-lived poppies compensate by having good winter foliage and an ability to thrive on poor soil. Widely available. Always deadhead astrantia as the flowers age badly and inferior seedlings can be a problem. Certain hardy geraniums begin their long flowering season in May. Cut both back hard as they finish their first flush and they will leaf up in a week and flower five weeks later.

Woodland geraniums also peak now. Among the best are the sprawling G. Be warned though: the latter self-seeds. This provides a foot-high froth of pale-pink or white flowers above crimped green rosettes. There are some very fine forms on offer. The truly perennial winged violas are long lived as long as they are sheared back in early September to form a tight mat of foliage. They will not overwinter if left untrimmed.

Cuttings need to taken regularly as, like all anthemis, this tends to be short-lived. This airy, elegant white catchfly is exquisite in shade. The white pinked petals emerge from apple-green, balloon-like calices and the foliage is good too. It rambles about and will grow in fairly dry soil, lighting up dark corners, just as the ferns crosiers are looking at their most glorious.

Find out about Saga Home Insurance. This lovely white aquilegia was developed over decades by Gertrude Jekyll in her garden Munstead Wood. Aquilegias like shade and can tolerate poorer soils. Foliage is a real feature, especially if cut back hard in early autumn. These plants can be allowed to self seed in wilder areas, but if you have lots of choice plants, deadhead all but a couple of stems. Save the seeds and sprinkle, or sown as soon as the seed is ripe.

This award-winning American Siberian iris, bred in by Currier McEwen, has cornflower-blue petals crisply edged in white. Give it good soil and a sheltered position and it will shine at the front of border at this time of year. Allium 'Purple Sensation' is the most useful bulb now, with vibrant purple, slightly fuzzy spherical flowers of the perfect size for the three-foot high stems. Like most alliums the foliage is ragged by the time the flowers appear, so have it popping up through sages, lavenders or artemisia.

Take off the seed heads before they drop their black seeds. The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, medical or other form of advice. You should not rely on this information to make or refrain from making any decisions. Always obtain independent, professional advice for your own particular situation. One of the UK's most popular magazines is now available in an app. Close Search Magazine Search. Back to top. Buff-tailed male bumblebee on astrantia by Vivian Russell.

Oriental poppies Papaver orientalis These long-lived poppies come in a wide range of colours. Hardy and woodland geraniums Certain hardy geraniums begin their long flowering season in May. June flowers clockwise from top left: Astrantia, Geranium macrorrhizum, Oriental poppy. The opinions expressed are those of the author and are not held by Saga unless specifically stated.

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