What does nahi mean in urdu

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what does nahi mean in urdu

Nahin tere jeha hor disda, what does that mean?

Nahi Name Meaning In Urdu (Boy Name ????) Nahi is a Muslim Boy Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Nahi name meaning is Impeder, and in Urdu it means ????? ????. The name is Indian originated name, the associated lucky number is 3. Nahi is an Urdu originated name that has multiple meanings. Nahi Urdu meaning can be seen here with complete details. Nahi name meaning in Urdu is ????? ????? ???? ???? ???? and Nahi meaning in English is Impeder. It is an attractive name even many famous people around the globe are named Nahi.

Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive? NAHI will admit students in the first batch of its graduating class by September Oman's first specialised automotive higher institute launched.

He recited some of the famous dohas: Station par khatm ki bharat teri khoj, Nehru ne likha nahi quli ke sar ka bojh and seedha sada dakiya kaam kare mahan, eik hi theile mein bhare aansu or muskan.

Urdu Wing Mushaira creates history. Humayun Saeed opens up about not receiving LSA nomination. The Bank Alfalah sponsored romantic comedy film from the makers of 'Jawani Phir Nahi Ani' and director Nadeem Baig received a positive and exciting response from the audience. Grab Your Popcorn. The film's teaser just dropped and while we're getting some major Punjab Nahi Jaungi vibes, we're also intrigued. Chhalawa teaser promises shaadi festivities and lots of drama.

Mubarak congratulations on the nikkah my littles,' the Punjab Nahi Jaungiactor added. Mawra, Urwa stun at younger brother's 'nikkah'. Review: 'Yeh Shahra-e-Aam Nahi'. The trailer is fast-paced and dramatic and ends with Sehmat shooting one of her own as she says, "Watan ke aagay kuch bhi nahikhud bhi nahi Nothing comes before the country, not even how long to heat up a fully cooked ham. Alia Bhatt's 'Raazi' highlights Indo-Pak tensions once again.

Talented Humayun Saeed was awarded best actor for his performance in record breaking movie Punjab Nahi Jaungi and the most popular female face of Pakistani film industry Mahira Khan received the best actress award for her performance in 'Verna'.

He also filed separate complaints against the channel that in its programme 'Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga' anchor Aamir Liaquat was running an organized defamatory hate campaign against Geo Group and its employees. Acronyms browser? Full browser?

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Nahi name meaning is Impeder. Nahi is a Muslim boy name and it is an Urdu originated name with multiple meanings and the associated lucky number is 3. Get proper spelling and pronunciation of name Nahi. Name. Nahi. What does Nahi mean? In Urdu/Hindi it simply means УNOФ. With other words joined with it,it may mean the thing in discussion is not there e.g.ФNAHI HAIФ. It may mean УOR NOT?Ф e.g. УYA NAHI?Ф. Nahi name meaning in Urdu is "????? ????? ???? ???? ????". In English, Nahi name meaning is "Impeder".

These Short but very useful Daily Use English Sentences in Urdu can help you speak basic English easily without learning English grammar and a lot of vocabulary. The best part is sentences comprise of the best commonly used words. We have tried to explain every sentence and the words used in them properly so that the sentences can easily be used in speaking English. Click Here. Download PDF Lesson. He has an impeccable character. Wo be daag kirdaar ka malik hai.

There is no way left now. Ab koi raasta nahi bacha. Like dog, like stick. Jaisa munh waisi chapair. It was close contest. Sakht muqaabla tha. I shall say this to his face. Mein ye usky munh par kahoon gaa. Wring the clothes!

Kapry nichor do. I am dead tired. Mein thak kar choor ho gyaa hoon. He is my sworn enemy. Wo meraa jaani dushman hai. No miles, no meals. Kar kaam ly daam. Peel the orange! Sangtraa chheel do. She is doing her hair. Wo apny baal sanwaar rahi hai. He spoiled the whole game. Us ny bna bnaaya khail bigaar diya.

Please help me wash my face! Mera chehra dhulao. No need to taunt. Taana marny ki zroorat nahi. She is so skeptical. Wo boht shaki hai. Ye raasta sunsaan hai. I have been slandered. Mujh par bohtaan hai. She is very pampered. Wo boht laaadli hai.

As you please. Jaisy aapki marzi. What are you up to? Tum kiya karny waaly ho? Attend to your work! Apny kaam ki traf dhayaan do. Talk sense! Aqal ki baat karo. He died a miserable death. Wo boht buri moat mraa. You are not following me. Aap meri baat nahi samajh rahy. He is a bit conservative. Wo qadry puraany khayaal kaa hai. Come on alternate days.

Aik din chhor kar aaya karo. What is lacking here? Yahan kis cheez ki kami hai. Chhoti chhoti baton par mat jhagra karo. That is an utter nonsense. Ye bilkul fazool baat hai. I am going to flea market. Mein landa bazaar jaa rha hoon. My wife snores during sleep. Meri bivi soty hooye khuraaty laiti hai. She is very talkative. Wo boht batooni hai. Ghabrao mat! Something is fishy. Kuchh gar bar hai. Is everything alright? Sab theek to hai naa!

Mery baal mat khaincho! Such a moocher you are. Bary hee muft khor ho. Stop tickling me! Gud guddi karna band karo. He is not in good health. Uski sehat kharaab hai. Koi baat nahi. What did this phone cost you? Ye phone tum ny kitny main khareeda? Mein ab zyaada dair intazaar nahi kar saktaa. Why does my eye twitch? Meri aankh kiyoon phrakti hai? It will be a great favour. Aapka bara ehsaan hoga. His throat is swollen. Uskaa galaa sooja huwa hai.

You have got to work with me. Tumhain mery saath kaam karna hoga. Mujhy mamooli andaaza tak nahi thaa. What became of my mobile? Mery mobile kaa kya bnaa? Ring nahi utar rahi. I like smeared bread.

Mujhy chupri hooi roti pasand hai. She walks briskly. Wo taiz taiz chalti hai.