What cichlids should i get

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what cichlids should i get

The 5 Best Beginner Cichlids to Choose for an Aquarium

Oct 01,  · If an aquarist is looking for a slightly smaller cichlid, then kribensis cichlids are a wonderful choice. Not only do these fish have stunning colors, but they are also an undemanding and peaceful fish. They do well in small groups and spend much of . Sep 18,  · To add fish without starting fights, the new species should occupy a different area of the tank. For example, bottom-dwelling fish should be fine with free-swimming cichlids. Any fish you add need to be of a similar size to your cichlids, and they need to be aggressive themselves. This means that they can defend themselves.

Saulosi are very nice fish, just make sure you don't mix same color. I mean saulosi, and yellow lab, the female are the same color which can bring to crossbreeding. Saulosi are a bit aggressive, but with the right ration male femelle you should not have problems.

They are very aggressive and grow very large. My mbuna male is about 6 inches. They need their own space in the tank, and with 10 in a 40, I'm afraid there would be a lot of fighting going on. I'm sure there are much smaller cichlids, I'm just not familiar with them as I had the large Lake Malawi in one of my 's.

Yellow labidichromis are peaceful and stay smallish. Rusty cichlids Iodotropheus sprengerae stay small, and have about the same aggression levels as yellow labs. I had a successful 40 with those two species, but all they offer is yellow and a purplish brown. The other mbuna I kept were much more aggressive. Actually 10 is not to much not for mbuna, but I would not even use a 40 gallons for african cichlid. The smallest tank I would use is 55 and up.

Because mbuna are more aggresive putting more in your tank will bring the aggression down a lot. Mbuna are the smallest cichlid alos they are from 3 to 5 inches. Aulonocara are bigger, and haps even bigger. I raised yellow lab abd rusty, and still do Both are mellow, even that the rusty are not even territorial at least not mine. I even have aulonocara baenschi with them and every body are happy. Well geno, no disrespect taken here. One species tank yes you're right it will workWhat I was saying like most people read on the net saulosi femelle is the same color of the yellow lab, and many say they might crossbreed because of that.

In your experience you never had any problem with that, and this is good. Like I said my answer was about something I read, and not by experience. When I first started my cichlid tank, I had Lake Malawi cichlids - in a gallon. They got along fine, for awhile. It eventually ended up where two paired up, started having tons of babies, but the big male was chasing everyone in the tank.

I finally had to re-home all but the big male and female, who went on to have a ton more babies! Eventually, my pet shops could not take anymore fry, so sadly, I had to separate the male and female who are now in their own tanks and I turned the into a mostly cory cat tank fry that I raisedalong with a large gourami, a very large pleco, and put my two remaining headlamp tetras in that tank - and about 10 mystery snails.

I know it's a big tank with not many fish, but after a huge disaster one year, I am gun shy about buying any new fish for any of my tanks. My other has only my pair of Blood Parrots, one Af. Leaf fish, and a ton of cory cats again, I raised them. As I've said in other threads, I feel badly for my male and female cichlid that they are all alone, but I just can't have any more fry.

If there was something I could put in the 55 with the male cichlid, I would do it, but he is so aggressive that I'm afraid he would become a what dog suits my lifestyle quiz eater! Attaching a picture of my beautiful male and female Thanks for all how much distance from bangalore to tirupati responses I am going to get 2 Jewel cichlids in a 55 gallon do they like drift wood or rock and what substrate.

M y A quarium C lub. I have a 40 gallon i wnat some cichlids that aren't a killing maching, they stay under 4 in, they are mouth brooders, and What is a scientific model want to keep at least 10 in the tank They can be mixed species if they are compatible Any thoughts thanks. How to make a mail sorter all mbuna are small, but you are correct that a 40g will not work due to the footprint.

Those may interest you: Can african cichlids and blood parrot cichlids coexist what are market failures economics a 75 gallon tank. Blood worms for malawi cichlids? I have a 40 gallon tank and I have 5 electric yellow cichlids in there as o Thanks for all the responses I am going to get 2 Jewel cichlids in a 55 gallon do they like drift wood or rock and what substrate Thanks, Nic.

Mine like hiding places caves, rock flower pot especialy when they breed. Those may interest you: Tank mates for electric yellow cichlids? I have 40 gallon tank and want som How long does it take malawi cichlids fry to grow big enough to go in tank Compatible sucker fish with cichlids.

I have 7 cichlids My malawi cichlids keep rubbing there sides off the gravel, glass, ornament Need help with lake malwai mbuna cichlids!! Do I have too many cichlids in 40 gallon tank? Electric Yellow Cichlids 10 gallon tank?

Hi everyone : so I have my 10 gal Lake malawi cichlids. What are the three lakes where African cichlids come from? Lake Malawi B Please help!! I have a 64 litre tank with 4 Malawi cichlidsit is a brand Hi im a newbie set up a 30g tank on 14,12,13 put 13 Malawi cichlids in it o How many african cichlids are suitable for a 75 gallon tank?

On television The Wild" Is all about Lake Malawi cichlids. I have a 40 gallon with 6 one inch cichlids and a small plec How to upgrade from a 10 gallon to a 20 gallon tank. What cichlids are compatible in a 36 gallon tank? I want to know about smal Should i split a 29 gallon tank of guppies 5 males 6 females?

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Sep 28,  · Some common ones are: Cotton Wool Disease: White growths caused by a fungus, more likely in poor water conditions. Gill Flukes: A flatworm parasite covers the gills with slime, causing breathing difficulties. Hexamita: Symptoms include a loss . Mar 26,  · Hi guys! I currently have a 75 gal. 48x20x18 tank setup and fishless cycling using pure ammonia. When the cycle has completed, I am very anxious to get fish to add although I do not feel that I know enough about each of the hundreds of African Malawi Cichlids, so im asking for help. Jan 09,  · A 29 is suitable for smaller south American cichlids, like apistos, krobia, or guianacra but I really wouldn't recommend them to someone who hasn't had a lot of experience. Smaller Tanganyikans like julidochromis and some shell dwelling lamprologus species would work.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Originally Posted by BrianH. Ram Cichlid looks pretty, but I am not sure if I can get them at my local store. Its not on the list for my local Petsmart either but they have them.

Rams are delicate fish. I wouldn't get them from any of the big-box pet stores, frankly, as I can't imagine the survival rate is all that great. If you want them, get them from a breeder. OP, what sort of water are you dealing with?

Rams, discus, angelfish, kribensis, and many Apistogramma species like softer water, but most other cichlids prefer hard water. And FYI, a 29 gallon tank is too small for more than a single pair of dwarf cichlids; most species will eventually prefer larger quarters. Sounds like the last two posters have covered some good opinions and asked good questions A 29 is suitable for smaller south American cichlids, like apistos, krobia, or guianacra but I really wouldn't recommend them to someone who hasn't had a lot of experience.

Smaller Tanganyikans like julidochromis and some shell dwelling lamprologus species would work. Malawian fish in a 29 are going to need to find a larger tank like a 55 or more in short time as they grow. Yes, they're pretty and yes when they're young they will survive in a 29, but you have to tell yourself they will need a LARGER tank within a year or two of you buying them. If you're looking to avoid buying from petco or petsmart which I highly recommend I would do a google search for aquarium clubs in your area.

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