How to write thank you in farsi

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how to write thank you in farsi

Useful Persian (Farsi) phrases

More Farsi words for thank you. noun ??????. thank you, headband, binding. adjective ??????. thank you, radiate, refulgent, radiative, relucent. adjective ???? ?? ???. Nov 27,  · These are some ways that Persians or Iranian people say “thank you” in Farsi. ?????? /moteshakeram/ I am thankful. ???? /merci/ Thanks. ???? /sepaas/ Thanks. ????? /mamnoon/ Thanks. There are a few other ways that are fun to learn too, as they are more colloquial and idiomatic!

And Persian is no different. Given our culture of taarof it makes sense that there would be a myriad of ways to give thanks. But what are the degrees of formality? And is there a certain one you what is piston deck clearance in a specific situation? First up, we have merci, a French loan word. Mamnoon would probably be the next most common and slightly more formal than merci. In spoken Persian, it comes out sounding like mochakeram.

Then we have the compound verb tashakor mikonam I thank you. Frequently used in situations related to food, you can say daste shoma dard nakone when you want to thank someone for a meal.

You can use it in most contexts. Kind of piggy-backing off the previous one, wrire is also daste golet dard nakone literally: May your flower hand not hurt. A popular way to compliment in Iran is to call someone a flower, as in Kheyli tank I hear this expression a lot at work. When I hand in water is made up of what sort ti paperwork, the secretary tells me daste golet dard nakone! She thanked me with a daste golet dard nakone!

Daste golet dard nakone is an affectionate way to say thank you in Persian Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash. This expression is an example of one of our lovely taarofs. When someone comes to your house bearing flowers or a box of pastries, you can say ghorbun dastetun! Essentially, anytime anyone gives you wrie, you can use this. Imagine someone tells you that you look beautiful today.

You cannot, however, say it with the others. For example, [kheyli] mamnoon, [kheyli] lotf darid or dastet dard nakone, merci. How are you? Pontia writes and blogs about all things Iran: culture, language, and travel.

She was born and raised in the US and has lived in Tehran for four years, the combination of which gives her an unbiased perspective on Iran and a unique ability to explain cultural nuances to foreigners. A teacher and lifelong learner, she delivers cultural explainers and language tips for Iranophiles. Expressions Taarof video clips vocabulary.

By Pontia. Pontia Pontia writes and blogs about all things Iran: culture, language, and travel. You Might Also Like.

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Farsi Translation. ???? ?????. More Farsi words for thank you very much. ????? ??????. thank you very much. phrase ????? ??????. thank you very much, Thank you very much. Jun 03,  · 9 years ago. 'Thank you': ?????? ("mamnunam") (Iran, formal), ???? ????? ("xeyli mamnun"), ?????? ("motesakeram") (very formal), ???? ("mersi") (very informal), ???? ("tasakur", "tashakkur"). Thank you: ?????? frm - (mamnunam) ???? vinf - (mersi) ?????? vfrm - (moteshakkeram) Reply to thank you: ????? ?? ??? (khahesh mikonam) Where's the toilet / bathroom? ??????? ?????? (dashtshuee kojast?) This gentleman/lady will pay for everything: ??? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?? ?? (un baraye hameci pul mide).

In most cultures, it is custom to express gratitude in some way or another. This is true in most societies! Doing so in a foreign country also shows your respect and appreciation for the culture. Words have great power — use these ones sincerely and often! You can learn easily! The magical words that can bring a smile to any face. For one day, truly mean it whenever you say these words, and see how this lifts your spirit too!

This phrase is appropriate when someone clearly goes out of their way to give good service, or to offer you a kindness. Someone paid you a compliment and made you feel good? This is a more formal, almost solemn way to thank someone for their thoughtfulness and sensitivity towards you. It is also suitable to use when a native speaker has to consider something you submit, like a job application, a project or a proposal.

You are thanking them, in essence, for time and effort they are about to, or have spent on your submission. Use this in an informal setting with your Persian friends or teachers.

Some phrases are compliments, which express gratitude by inference. This is one of them. It could also be another lovely way to thank your Persian language teacher for her time.

Teaching is not easy, and often a lot of patience is required from the teacher. You will go a long way towards making yourself a popular employee — gratitude is the most attractive trait in any person! This is also an enthusiastic way to thank your teacher by means of a compliment. It could just make their day! Show your respect and gratitude with these words.

What a wonderful compliment to give a good teacher! There will be occasions when you will really want to show your appreciation and politeness. On these occasions, you should use the expression Tashakkor Mikonam. Moteshakkeram Another way to thank someone is Moteshakkeram , which is simply another form of the verb Tashakkor.

Remember: when in doubt, keeping it simple is always your safest bet. You say Moteshakkeram when the waiter brings your food or drinks, when the clerk in the hotel takes your luggage to your room, and when somebody welcomes or congratulates you. Quick tip 2 If you are around friends, you might hear an alternative to Tashakor Mikonam : Ghorbanat.

If you know the people well enough, feel free to throw one of these in—your knowledge of informal Persian will surely be appreciated. On the run to Iran? PersianPod saves you time with this short lesson that nevertheless packs a punch. Yet, as a traveler or visitor, you will be surprised at how far you can go using a little bit of Persian in Iran!

These are the first words you need to learn in any foreign language — it is sure to smooth your way with native speakers by showing your gratitude for services rendered, and your respect for their culture!

You have absolutely nothing to lose. Research has shown that learning a new language increases intelligence and combats brain-aging. Also, the ability to communicate with native speakers in their own language is an instant way to make friends and win respect!

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