How to weigh down curls

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how to weigh down curls

How do you "weigh down" curly hair?

Jan 09,  · Increasing the length of your hair is one of the easiest ways to add weight to curls. The longer your hair is, the more weight will be pulling down on your curls. Despite being time-consuming, it can be a natural way to give weight to curls. For years I wore my 3c/4a curl in a ponytail gelled down with that brown protein gel, all though college and the following years. I was only finally able to wear my hair out when a hairdresser explained to me the three-step method: leave-in conditioner, gel saturation, and then a finishing product.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information how to weigh down curls the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I have extremely thick, poofy, curly hair. I have never in my life been able to wear all of my hair down without anytype of hair accessory and part of it being up.

I am albe to get it pretty straight and am able to wear it all down when it is staight figured that one out couple of years ago but I really want to do it when it is curly. Just wondering if there was anything out there to help me keep that "after shower" flatness of my curls. It looks so cute about 10 minutes after I get out of the shower. But by the time it has dried, it is extremely poofy, I mean, honestly, my friends gasp and then laugh everytime I show them. My hair is fairly long, mid-back, extremelt thick most stylists say thickest they've seen and very curly.

Anyway, didn't know if there was anything out there that could help me weigh down my hair so I could maybe wear it all down one time. I currently use gel, hair spray, a product called "Hair Food grease " along with regular shampoo and conditioner. I have naturally curly hair also what is a box and whiskers plot I have tried just about everything.

They are both great products that work well to maintain "control". I also use Catwalk Curls Rock shampoo and conditioner, but not sure if it's necessary. Good Luck! I am albe to get it pretty straight and am able to wear how to prolong red hair color all down when it is staight figured that one out couple of years ago but Some men think that really big curly hair says attitude. The message they get is "no one can tame me" They like curls, but managable ones and not too thick.

I agree with DSl. I have the same hair problem as you. I use curl defining products. They eliminate the frizz and leave you with nice curls. The only thing that I would add to DSl's comment is: Have your hair texturized. You keep the length, but the poofiness goes away. I have been letting my hair grow out for 2 years now. It is down to mid-back.

No more poofiness. It's really great! I have alway hated my curly hair and used to always fight it. Not anymore. Texturizing works wonders. Make sure that the hairdresser knows how to do it. It is not the same as thinning the hair. Good Luck, and happy curls! Okay so Baby oil weighs down hair I think like you're talking about. I wouldn't put the how to weigh down curls oil too close to your roots though, then it will look like your hair is greasy, and a good curly hair product is Aveeda Be Curly!!

I love it!! Good luck!!! Remember only Goddesses have curly hair!! I have short hair for the first time since We was 10 years old what is birthday bash in atlanta I actually really like it but I miss my long curly locks so I am growing it back out!

Maybe some olive oil. Maybe rub the olive oil in while your hair is wet,then comb through. Trending News. The chaotic moments before police shooting in Columbus. Analyst: 'Jig is up on Netflix' as subscriber growth slows. Chauvin verdict brings the police relief, resentment. The Indian tribe clashing with the Hamptons' elite.

Elated contestants make 'Price Is Right' history. Man charged with killing 3 in Wisconsin tavern shooting. USC's Song Girls have an ugly yet familiar story. Singer who sparked 'invention of boy bands' dies. Answer Save. This Site Might Help You. Let that curly hair flygirl. I gots curly hair too. Show more answers 3. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

Best Products for Frizzy, Curly Hair

Apr 27,  · there are lots of products out there for curly hair to define curls and weigh them down. you may have to try a few before you find one that works. gel is fine if you don't mind that crunchy wet. How to weigh down hair. The Spiral Queen. Registered Users. Posts: June in General Discussion about Curly Hair. Yes, you are not going crazy. The title says this. I'm one of the few wavy haired people who wants to weigh their hair down. My hair is pretty soft, and unfrizzy. Gel creates that as a part of what keeps your curls as curls, rather than frizz. Once the hair is dry, you gently break the shell (also known as a "cast") and you are left with frizz-free curls, no crunch or wet. So get a gel and start using it! LA Looks Sports Gel is a good one, and cheap.

Remember Me? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of October 25th, , PM 1. Imagine a normal head of hair times three. That's what I have. I want my hair less thick. But I know that's impossible- you can't get thinner hair.

So maybe I can weigh it down? I refuse to coat it in oils though, because oily hair looks terrible. Another problem is that my hair is SOOO stubborn. I used to use tons of cones on my hair and it never got buildup or got flat. It's like, resistant to being tame or something. How can I deflate or weigh down my hair?

Is any one else experiencing this problem? October 25th, , PM 2. The only solution I have is length. Keeping it up most of the time does a lot to help when it's up and a little bit to help when it's down, but nowhere near enough. And nothing else I've tried has helped. October 25th, , PM 3. Originally Posted by darklyndsea. October 25th, , PM 4. Oiling your hair doesn't give you oily hair, generally.

It's a matter of finding the right oil and the right amount and frequency of oiling. My hair looks gorgeous when it's oiled. Also this is how I deal with pouf. October 25th, , PM 5. Most conditioners gave me the opposite problem and made my thin hair look thinner. Smoothing conditioners are usually heavier. The Pantene Restore Beautiful Lengths line is getting raves here. There may be a solution in that line for you. Many conditioners are formulated not to be heavy and silicones in them tend not to be the heavy in hair problems pun intended.

It is the other ingredients. The heaviest silicones are usually in serums, designed to deal with frizz. October 26th, , AM 6. Or it used to. I have found that going really all out on the moisture side of things - I CO with a very moisturising conditioner, then use nightblooming's panacea salve as a leave-in, it's sort of fluffy and creamy - has really, really managed to tame my hair.

Damp bunning also encourages it not to poof out too much. Finally embracing what nature gave me Can I have waist length hair for Christmas? October 26th, , AM 7. I agree with damp bunning. Could this be contributing to the problem for you? October 26th, , AM 8. I too have had BIG hair for years. I would fry my hair to every inch of it's life with a flat iron to calm it down and yes it worked but I couldn't grow my hair past APL. I managed to give up the heat but of course my hair would be so wild that I had to put it up all the time.

What I have found that works for me is doing a SMT as a regular wash. As I found that I couldn't find a balance with oils or serums after washing. It was a case of not enough or caked on making my hair lank, dull and greasy. I have found a wash routine that has been the holy grail for me, maybe you could try.

Then carry on with with my shower duties and hop out. Pop that on the length of my hair a little bit on the scalp too, that helps with frizz. Then marinade for at least half hour, I usually sit with it on for an hour. Then rinse it out with warm water. I then add Tresseme Naturals conditioner on my hair whilst wet and massage my scalp to rid of any excess oil and rinse it all off. Finally I use a cotton t-shirt to draw out the moisture.

This routine has really helped with the poof, my hair lays nicely down, feels moisturised and looks shiny. It's a nightmare to leave the house if it's foggy or raining out there. Needless to say my hair is humectant phobic. So I use Aveda Anti humectant pomade on damp days and it really does work. Coupled that with my wash routine, I now don't have a day when my hair is fluffy, frizzy or big.

October 26th, , AM 9. Originally Posted by Audhumla. October 26th, , AM Can we get a little more concrete? Do you have pictures to show us what your hair is doing that you dislike, and what kind of style you find appealing? Coz my hair is a 1c, and um Or the third. Or the fifteenth. Flat and limp maybe. But my hair is pretty fine, and you're typing yourself as medium, so that may have something to do with it. And I'm a ii, not a iii. That's also a big difference.

So if you're looking for what I have most of the time, the answer may be that it just isn't possible for your hair. Just like my desire for beautiful springy ringlets is never going to happen Mostly, what I do is work with my hair.

It is good at being long and straight and showing off intricate buns or braids. So I do what works on me, and make sure to tell women with curly hair how pretty I think they are. Just it's hard when we're working blind Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:. Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Digg del. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.