How to use fork and spoon to eat rice

13.06.2021 By Akisho

how to use fork and spoon to eat rice

Do you eat rice with spoon or with fork?

Dec 08, We, Filipinos, eat with the spoon in tandem with the fork because our meals involve pairing rice with everything. This video shows the efficiency of the spoo. Feb 23, Normally, with rice in front of us during mealtime, we can eat with either fork, spoon, chopsticks or even fingers, but of course it will be covered in later times. To start with it, first is to have one of your hand to scope almost half of the spoonful of rice.

That sounds like the eastern - Thai or Vietnamese way of doing it, I am not sure which. Yes of course, otherwise how would I get the rice on the fork? I use a knife and fork for everything, except things like soup that need a spoon. Hmm wow nobody else has said they use a knife What are the side effects of propoxyphene. A guy mentioned in another question that he was been laughed of, because he ate rice with fork Vote A.

Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Do you eat rice with spoon or with fork? Add Opinion. BlueEyedHipsta Explorer. Chop sticks in bowl. Spoon when in bowl as well, but second choice, and sometimes fork and knife when served on a plate. I usually use my hands, but maybe it's just me. Mesonfielde 5. I use a fork but only because people used to bitch at me when I used a spoon.

Either a fork or chopsticks. I have never eaten rice by itself before. I always have something with the rice that a spoon just wouldn't work well with. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. NoMoreDreams opinions shared on Other topic. I either use a spoon, a fork or a pair of chopsticks lol It depends on what I have available or just feel like using.

GoldenSunshine opinions shared on Other topic. I don't really like eating with spoons for some reason :P. NewYorkNewt Xper 4. I use a spoon if its just rice, a fork if i intend to eat a "fork worthy" food along with it, and chopsticks if I'm in the restaurant.

Either or. It feels so wrong to use anything else. I use to use a fork for many what weapons were primarily used in the battle of britain but over the past few years I've switched to the spoon. Sometimes I use both simultaneously. I'm generally eating rice with food that requires a fork, so I use a fork.

Only time I use a spoon is if it's gumbo or soup with rice in it. Beef stew : mmm. I use fork to push rice into my spoon. But I don't use it to put it in my mouth I'll probably stab myself specially if Im starving. Hmm after reading this I'm going to look for some sporks. NovemberJoseph 1. I actually have always eaten it with a fork, isn't that normal? I mean they even give you forks when you buy fried rice.

I use spoon because that how we eat it in my country. I've never seen anybody eat it with a spoon. Knife and fork always. I actually wanted to ask this, to see if there is anyone who eats it with a spoon or with just a fork.

Yumira Xper 5. Chris Yoda. Aeroforce 62 opinions shared on Other topic. Xper 5. LovesTVDx Yoda. Fork cos I usually have it with curry. James0 opinions shared on Other topic. Related myTakes. Show All. Revisiting a Teaching God gave me in a dream - details here.

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May 26, Eat the rice with a fork for Western dishes. Scoop your fork beneath the rice to create a small heap on the fork. If you have a spoon too, you can use this to push rice onto the fork before . If youre eating American food, rice with a fork. If youre eating Thai food, rice with a spoon (not chopsticks). If youre eating Chinese food, rice with chopsticks. If youre eating sticky rice with mango, just use your hands! Nov 16, We often have rice as a side dish or mixed vegetables. He uses a spoon to eat it! Not to push onto a fork (as is etiquette), but to eat from the spoon like .

We often have rice as a side dish or mixed vegetables. He uses a spoon to eat it! Not to push onto a fork as is etiquette , but to eat from the spoon like a shovel!

He is teaching my 4-year-old to do the same thing. I maintain the spoon or knife can be used to push the food onto the fork but may not be eaten directly from the spoon. Which is the right protocol? Or perhaps, depending on how old your husband is, he is remembering a time before the widespread use of the fork, when most people ate with spoons.

That was in the early 19th century, after which the spoon was banished from the main course. In any case, both of them are now old enough to eat with a fork.

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