How to use a taser safely

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how to use a taser safely


Apr 23,  · How to Use a Taser Gun Know Its Capabilities. Different Tasers have different features and specifications, but the general principle is the Do a Spark Test. Each time you’re going to bring your Taser with you, first do a quick spark test. The spark test lets Know How and Where to . 6 Safe Ways to Use a Taser 1. Learn how to wield the weapon. It might look like some prop used in a Star Trek movie set, but the TASER device is a 2. Know the maximum shooting distance. A TASER device will only work if the needles or prongs come in contact and stick 3. Make a spark test. Prior.

Curriculum is broken into three sections: lecture, demonstration and scenario method. Taser training enables students to learn how to use a Taser as an effective, non-lethal means of self-defense. To use a Taser properly and safely, you need to undertake training. Training provides an in-depth understanding of how a Taser works, how it should be employed and when it should be used. The Taser training course is divided into three key sections, which form a comprehensive curriculum; these include lecture, demonstration and scenario training.

Taser training is recommended for anyone who may find themselves in a situation where they need to employ a Taser to protect themselves or others, for example, military personnel, security professionals, police officers, and bodyguards.

The aim of Taser training is to equip students with the knowledge and practical skills to operate and employ a Taser with proficiency, confidence, and composure. Taser training is designed for those who may find themselves in a professional scenario where how to make patina paint safety is threatened, or they are acting to protect somebody else.

The course serves as Taser training for security guards as well. Taking the Taser course gives you access to all the information you need to understand how a Taser works, and provides you with practical training to get the best results if you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel it necessary to employ a Taser.

When providing security services, approval and regulatory recognition is key. Pacific West Academy is approved by a number of organizations. We also offer financial assistance for veterans who may wish to take our courses. Please contact us for more information on these programs if required. Please do get in taseg and begin your journey today.

Contact Us View Scheduled Training. I just want to say thank you to ASC for everything. They gaser that the skill set and training I received from ASC along tser my military background place me far beyond the average person who applied for a job with their company. And because of that they want what were the houses like in the southern colonies hire me not as a security guard, but as a shift supervisor.

I couldn't believe it. One of my fears about starting my career and security was that I would graduate from training and not receive any job offers. However since graduating ASC I've been offered two jobs one as a supervisor and one as a guard and the pay for both are great.

The money I'm what is card rate in banking to start making is way more than what I was before so for that I want to say thank you. It was because of you guys that my life changed course and now the possibilities are ever-changing. I just wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend your CPR course. I know your focus is primarily training bodyguards but as a mother of two I wanted to learn CPR 'just in case.

I now feel comfortable that if something bad were to happen I have the ability to do CPR. Thank you again. As a former law enforcement officer I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what it would take to be asfely good Executive Protection Specialist but it's a whole different ball game when you don't have the weight of a badge behind you.

Although this course was basically fundamentals, I felt tsser helped bridge safley gap between my experience as a law enforcement officer and the EP field.

Although I had done a lot of similar range work before I found the firearms portion of the course work to be very professional and well executed and could see how this would be a great course for someone new to the field. Thanks for a great course. I think a lot of people who are interested in this field are under the misconception that being a cop, soldier or bouncer will give them all the tools they need to be effective in the EP field.

Far from it. These uss may provide a foundation but they don't provide a true understanding of the dynamics of Executive Protection. Your course was a good introduction to the ins and outs and potential pitfalls of EP work. Whether or not someone is new to the field or, like me, just trying to maintain perishable skills, I highly recommend this course.

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Taser Training Course Overview

Feb 23,  · Your Taser should always remain disarmed unless you are training safely or are confronting a potential attacker. Next, work on aiming the weapon. Taser makes this somewhat easy by embedding a flashlight and targeting laser into all Taser models, to help you effectively aim and hit the target. The best place to hit a target is on their torso. Basic guidelines on how to use a stun gun or a taser If you are going to carry a taser or stun gun, make sure that it is easily accessible. If you find yourself being Also, make sure to get only the best and certified safe stun guns for you to use. Needless to say, fake, subpar stun Practice. May 18,  · Tips on How to Use a Stun Gun Properly and Safely 1. Make sure that stun devices are legal where you live. They are illegal in several states and cities, so check with 2. Study the brochure that came with the stun gun. Read the directions carefully. 3. .

Take the case for stun guns and tasers, which are prime examples of good safety equipment. Having one on your person automatically makes you feel both protected and powerful, correct?. This article will discuss the benefits of stun guns and tasers and how you can use them to better protect yourself. Learning how to use a stun gun or a taser the right way is essential if you want to be able to use it safely and effectively to protect yourself and your family. Regardless of your weapon of choice, you need to make sure that you know how to use this powerful self-defense weapon before you start carrying it with you.

If you don't, a multitude of problems could arise. You could accidentally stun yourself, or a family member--or even worse, a criminal could seize it from you. If you want to avoid these scenarios, then you need to learn to use your stun gun or taser.

Tasers and stun guns are both considered electroshock weapons , in that they primarily deliver electric jolts through the body. They are referred to as less lethal because while it is unlikely to happen anything that introduces a high voltage current to the human body could potentially cause cardiac problems.

Despite the potential for serious injury or death, a stun gun or taser is still a much safer weapon to use than a firearm or knife. It gives people the ability to instantly disable an attacker with a very low risk of causing that person serious injury or death.

Moreover, if you live in problematic areas where violent crime is rampant, then you should definitely consider getting a stun gun or a Taser. This will help minimize the chances of you getting hurt by a criminal. Ideally, your goal is to incapacitate your attacker: to stop them without hurting them or killing them. It means you don't have to deal with the psychological issues of having accidentally killed someone, and any potential legal problems that may come up if you were forced to shoot someone.

The first thing you need to know about learning how to use a stun gun or taser is that you need to treat these devices with respect.

You wouldn't leave a handgun lying around where a child could find it, would you? Another important safety tip is to never pull out your stun gun or taser and aim it at anyone unless you are planning to use it. Using a stun gun or Taser to scare someone is a huge mistake.

You should only pull out your weapon when you feel threatened or vulnerable; anything else could lead to a huge mistake. Between and there were more than deaths that resulted from someone being shocked with a Taser or stun gun. Most of these deaths were likely accidental, thanks to negligent use and self-defense. When you introduce 50, volts of electricity to the chest area of someone you are always going to run the risk of cardiac issues. Instead, aim your stun gun or taser at an arm, leg, groin, neck, or armpit if possible.

In life-or-death situations, you may not have this option, and you shouldn't hesitate to strike someone anywhere you can. But as much as possible, if you still have some semblance of control and you feel confident that you can hit someone in a less lethal area, then you should consider the aforementioned tips.

If you are worried that you could be overwhelmed by an attacker, then you should target anywhere that you can in order to incapacitate them. The primary difference between a stun gun and a taser involves the range that they can be used for. A stun gun has two metal prongs which you have to press into the body of your attacker. The prongs will deliver an electrical charge through their clothing, so you don't necessarily have to aim for bare skin. Meanwhile, a Taser is a weapon that can be used from several feet away.

The biggest advantage here is that you can strike a would-be attacker from a safe distance before they are close enough to grab or strike you. Ultimately, however, whether you get a stun gun or a taser is going to depend on your personal preference and which weapon you feel most confident in using. Home how to use a stun gun.