How to protect your electronics from lightning

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how to protect your electronics from lightning

Why and how to protect your gear from EMP

The dangers lightning and electrical surges present are very real. Lightning could strike your home, causing extensive damage. Lightning protection can help you limit your risk of lightning damage, and help in protecting your home from lightning surge. So take time to review some steps you can take to help protect yourself and your property. Dec 16, The entire airframe is a flying Faraday cage to protect the on-board electronics from EMI, up to and including a lightning strike. All of the equipment racks are grounded to major airframe metallic parts, but the equipment is only connected to its power cable and/or sensor cables which are specifically hardened against EMI.

Its two most fearsome companions however, can be very dangerous indeed:. So to protect yourself, your uour and home from these real dangers takes a little bit of knowledge and preparation.

Here are some hail and lighting safety tips:. If you don't make it to 30 before hearing the thunder, head indoors. Then stay indoors until 30 minutes after hearing the last boom of thunder. No roofing material is hail-proof, so look for what happens during an adrenaline rush shingles that carry a Class 4 UL rating.

Learn what type of roofing bow is appropriate for homes in your area. Also, be aware that most roofing jobs are not for DIYers. It can be dangerous work. And speaking of roof repairs, trom also cover that. Find out more on how to prepare for extreme weather conditions at our emergency resource center.

Or contact an agent to protect your home with property insurance from Nationwide. Nationwide offers this information to help you make decisions that may help you mitigate your risk. Of course, we can't address every possible risk or guarantee these tips will work for you. However, we hope that you will consider which of these may help you in your efforts to protect your family and yourself. Clipboard-flat Claims Envelopes-flat Pay a bill.

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Personal Business. Resources Emergency preparedness. Its two most fearsome companions however, can be very dangerous indeed: Lightning killed an average of 31 people a year between andand injured another Hail can how is amazon customer service during any strong storm, hurling chunks of ice to the earth at speeds up to mph and they range in size from a pea to a grapefruit! Electrical wires can conduct lightning.

Don't use your cell phone during a thunderstorm. Don't wash your hands, shower, wash dishes or do laundry. Metal pipes in the plumbing can also conduct lightning.

High winds and hail can shatter glass, so stay away from windows, skylights and doors. Keep drapes and blinds closed to prevent hail-shattered yiur from blowing in yiur flying around. Head for an enclosed lighttning, rather than a carport or open garage. No enclosed structure? Get inside a hardtop, all-metal car, truck or SUV. Avoid leaning against vehicles.

Get off bicycles and motorcycles. If no shelter from lightning is available, squat down and put your hands on your knees with your head in between to make yourself a smaller target.

Water and metal can both carry an electrical lightinng. If you're in a group of people, spread out. Take care of your pets by bringing them inside. Doghouses are not lightning- or hail-proof. Protecting your stuff To help lessen some of the potential damage from a lightning strike: Remove dead or overhanging tree branches that could fall on your house if the tree is struck by protwct.

Put your entire house ffrom a surge-protection system. Unplug appliances and electronic equipment when not in use. Hail how to add compost to garden also cause extensive damage to your vehicle. To help lessen that risk: If elecyronics severe liggtning is predicted, park your car where it will be protected, like in a garage.

Driving when the storm begins? Head for an overpass, garage or carport anything with a strong roof. If none are tk, pull to the side of road, cover your face with clothing to protect yourself from any how to blog on google plus glass, and wait. Most hailstorms only last about 5 minutes. Need to file a claim? Visit our claims center or call

Factual information is hard to come by

Jul 17, Avoid deploying unprotected power strips, which do nothing to protect connected equipment from sags, surges, and lightning strikes. Deploy surge protectors and UPS devices instead. Jan 20, If you're concerned about the security of your most sensitive online accounts, a physical key serves as a backup to your password for verifying your identity. Here's how they work. Avoid using corded phones and electronics such as computers or power tools. Electrical wires can conduct lightning. Don't use your cell phone during a thunderstorm. Don't wash your hands, shower, wash dishes or do laundry. Metal pipes in the plumbing can also conduct lightning.

ReadyNutrition Readers, there have been a tremendous number of world happenings that has placed all of us in a precarious situation. Iran and North Korea have been exchanging missile technology, supplemented by the Russians with technical advisors and materials.

I wish to pen the caveat that I have been stating in my articles repeatedly for quite some time, now, hoping they will be taken into consideration:. That being said, there are numerous sites available for study of EMP effects as well as the nuclear threat capabilities of the countries previously mentioned. Read the briefings of Dr.

Peter V. His writings and testimony before sessions of Congress between to are readily available and downloadable from the internet. He also expounds on the fact that he is certain that North Korea has the capabilities of miniaturizing a warhead to deliver an EMP, and they have already done so. I recently submitted a piece to SHTFplan. In the interim, what can we do to reduce those effects? Firstly, the majority of the testing done by the government and private companies conclude that most vehicles will be unaffected by the EMP.

One of the possible solutions would be the grounding wire. For decades all the way up to the present day, wheelers have all utilized grounding wires attached to their frames both to protect from lightning strike and from static electrical discharge when they are delivering flammable cargoes such as fuel to filling stations or heating oil to homes.

It is this principle that you too can follow after, along with a grounding chain, to help protect your vehicle from the EMP. Such a steel cable would have to be replaced periodically, as it would tend to fray and wear down. For when the vehicle is not moving, you could double your chances and affix a grounding chain around the rear axle of your vehicle.

Then when you park your vehicle, unclasp the D-rings, and coil the chain up, and set it on the ground. Bare earth is preferable, but macadam will work as well. Do it at night before you go to bed, and during the workday, to give that added protection in the manner that electricity will pass along the grounding wire. Is it perfect? Possibly not, but the point is to give you a fighting chance. When it does clog, however, the Drano will be there. We welcome your questions and comments and look forward to hearing about your experiences in these matters.

Keep fighting that good fight! JJ out! Now we do ground the truck to load and off load flammable materials, but not driving down the road. There is nothing on a big truck or trailer to protect from lightning strikes. Just like 4 wheelers, just as susceptible to lighting strikes and EMP. Static electricity built up as the vehicles drove. Tires conduct enough now to prevent the buildup. In the old days we used to have a grounding strap attached to a bolt on the rear diff that touched the ground to do the same thing.

They may still do them in some stores. The frame is the best attachment point. After an EMP, it is best just to stay home. During the worst dust storms of the Dust Bowl era , drivers who could not stay put dragged chains from their axles to dissipate the static electricity build-up from the friction generated by the storm. Without the grounding provided by the chain, electrical components in these basic automotive engines shorted out.

The static electricity was so bad that small animals were occasionally electrocuted, and gardens were fried in situ. Engineer who devolps cars!

So I was wondering if anyone had feedback on this idea: I want to use relfectix insulation to make a car cover when my vehicle is in the garage at night. Do you think that will work?

Dragging something metal is just a good way to start a wildfire much bigger annual risk percentage than an EMP. Bottom line.

Just like to that I have in my garage in front yard. A lot of this information is very interesting. Helping our neighbors and family. And by the way. But grounding is important in everyday life mechanics. I lost a ground on my cigarette boat and it caused my exhaust rubber bushings to catch fire. Good article JJ. Carrying a bicycle may make sense.

You can cover mi in 8hrs or less where walking that can take days and a lot more supplies. Developing cars huh? The auto was invented well over years ago. I work in an ICU and if people died of electromagnetic fields then MRI machines would just have a disposal chute to the morgue. Go crawl back under your rock before you draw even more ridicule. It is not the pulse that kills. It is the end result of what the pulse does.

This has been looked at extensively. Your kidding right? Did you miss the congressional hearing about how to protect against an EMP? Did out miss that countries like Russia,China, and North Korea have been working on developing a more effective missile to use an EMP attack? Now if you missed it north Korea threatened us today with an EMP attack and they now have the long range missile to do it, and guess what we wont be able to shoot it down in time because it will be to far into the atmosphere to knock it out.

Its already been said by our own government it could be over the US within 30 minutes. An EMP will fry all electrical devices, all components and modules and we will be without power across all of North America, do a little reading before claiming something false when their is facts its real.

Grounding a vehicle would cause a concentrating of the EMP wave to the metal exterior of the car and fry everything. This is the worse thing possible. One only need do a modicum of research to learn this is not a wild-eyed scheme or BS factoid written about just to take up electrons in cyberspace or even printed articles. A lightning bolt carries with it and creates its OWN EMP by virtue of physics, so that is just one small instance of a naturally occurring phenomenon.

And now that so many more electronic and electric devices we surround ourselves with in this day and age are FAR more sophisticated meaning efficient to know that they are FAR more susceptible to damage by a variety of electronic impulses to see the fallacy of your comments. Automobile electronics are not immune to this phenomenon, either, as they are designed and built using the best materials which will give good service for an indeterminate period of time offset by building cost.

Maybe not all electronics but surely some just because of situations beyond our control. Removable of our military infrastructure and ability to harm them is their stated goals, all for the reasons of our placing economic sanctions against that nation. But I digress somewhat. Your claim that any EMP burst would have to be at a specific wavelength or wavelengths to affect such and such items, such is NOT the factual.

Why, is an unknown but it is my understanding that components used in each vehicles electronic components construction may differ is just enough inconsistencies compared to its twin to survive for unknown reasons.

Call it a crap shoot or the luck of the draw. Who knows? One might find that buying any and everything required, or thought to be needed, could be cost prohibitive, especially if the automobile is an older version which is almost on its last legs anyway.

Also, WHERE would you even FIND gasoline outside of your own stored fuels, and that opens yet another topic for discussion to make your efforts worthwhile over the long haul? And it need not be a fancy computer-operated setup, either. The first product that is made, when doing this, is basically No.

Pretty nifty. What about EV Cars? I have a Prius Hybrid vehicle with a large battery and all the computer regulators Toyota can put on it. Would grounding work on my car if I grounded it in my garage? Your email address will not be published. Order by am central time for same-day shipping! Follow Follow Follow Follow Search for:. I wish to pen the caveat that I have been stating in my articles repeatedly for quite some time, now, hoping they will be taken into consideration: A war would be kicked off with an EMP weapon detonated over the Continental United States, then a nuclear exchange, resulting in a World War.

Success - Thank you for joining our community. Mike on September 21, at am. RW on September 20, at pm. TED Malkowski on October 25, at pm. Poorman on September 21, at am. Rae on September 21, at pm. The axle has a grounding connection unless it is terribly corroded.

Not on any vehicle that I have ever worked on or owned Reply. PL C on October 2, at pm. SteveP on October 11, at pm.