How to open a barber school in texas

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how to open a barber school in texas

Apply for a New Cosmetology School License

Barber School Licensing. 1. What is required to open a new barber school? Submit a Texas Barber School Permit Application along with the $ fee. The $ fee includes a $ application fee and a $ inspection fee. 2. Requirements for a Texas Barber School Permit. For a barber school permit, please include the following with your application. school after the school application has been approved by the department. Once the initial inspection is approved and the school permit is received, the school can open. 9. Curriculum - Indicate the course to be offered/taught at the school. The two-page Barber School Curriculum Approval Application MUST be submitted with the school application. The forms are located at barberschoolforms File Size: KB.

The second, Birds Barbershop, located in Austin, offers a free beer with every haircut, video games, and sometimes, DJs and live performances. The free beer and easy-on-your-wallet cuts are probably why Birds regularly services more than 15, customers monthly throughout their five Austin franchises.

As a barber, you will specialize in the cutting, styling, and trimming of hair, beards, and moustaches. For guidance on how to meet the Texas barber licensing requirements and how to become a licensed barber in Texas, follow the steps in this guide:.

To be eligible for licensure in Texas, you must first complete hours of barber training. Once you have a student permit, you will be able to enroll in a barber training program. The Texas State Board of Barber Examiners requires that your training include the following required courses:. Once you graduate, your barber training school will send your notification of completion to PSI Services, the Texas licensing exam testing vendor.

You will receive a PSI eligibility postcard once you have met all of the Texas licensing eligibility requirements. On this postcard, you will receive instructions on how to register for and schedule your exams with PSI Services. Once you do that, you may register for and take two exams to be licensed as a barber in Texas: the written exam and the practical exam. It will test your knowledge on barber service subjects, including the following:. You will need to bring your own supply kit, model, and mannequin to this exam.

The exam will assess your ability to perform the following barber services:. Once you have completed the education and exam requirements, you will need to contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to attain an initial barber license application, which is not available online.

You may contact the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation by callingvisiting www. Once they process and accept your application, they will issue you your Texas barber license. You may return the application to the following address:.

If you hold a barber license from another state, you may qualify to attain a Texas barber license through reciprocity. You will need to make sure that the licensing requirements for your previous license match or supersede the Texas licensing requirements. If so, you can apply for a reciprocity license without taking the Texas examinations by completing the following steps:.

You will submit all reciprocity application materials to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation at the above mailing address. As ofthe Texas Board has changed their policy, so that you may rent a booth in a barbershop for no fee. If you are interested in renting a booth or chair in one of the best barbershops in Texas, consider the following options:.

To advance your career as a how to open a barber school in texas in Texas, you can open your own mini barbershop or full service barbershop. In doing this, you get to control the look, feel, and style of your shop and create a unique experience for your clients. You will have to keep your barber license active even after attaining a shop permit.

You may apply for both of these licenses online, by filling out a Barber Mini Shop Application or by filling out a Barber Shop Application. You will need to renew your barber license every two years. Even though the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation does not require you to complete continuing education credits to renew your license, taking advanced barber courses is a great way to enhance your barbering ability. Occupational employment statistics published by the Texas Workforce Commission show that there were 5, barber jobs inand that number was expected to increase by 11 percent by the year There are approximately job openings every year.

Barbers in the state are licensed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, which requires candidates to complete 1, hours nine months at one of the more than 50 barbering schools located in the state.

Clients usually tip barbers, which adds considerably to their overall income. Most tips are between 15 and 20 percent. The following shows barber salaries for different what does entrepreneurship mean in economics of the state. US Department of Labor figures show that barbers in Wichita, Texas earned the second highest salary in the field nationwide.

The following table describes barber salaries for large cities and metropolitan areas in Texas BLS Find A Program Enter Zip:. Graduate from a Hour Texas Barber Training Program To be eligible for licensure in Texas, you must first complete hours of barber training. Enter What channel is the oklahoma state bowl game on. Student Resources What is a Barber?

Start your What happened on november 13 1956 as a Barber in Texas. Renew your Texas Barber License Biannually.

Step 1. Graduate from a 1500-Hour Texas Barber Training Program

Jan 03,  · Barber Schools and License Requirements in Texas. Step 1. Graduate from a Hour Texas Barber Training Program. To be eligible for licensure in Texas, you must first complete hours of barber Step 2. Pass the Texas Practical and Theory Licensing Examinations. Step 3. . Oct 30,  · The Texas Workforce Commission regulates most types of career schools and colleges. However, some schools such as those that train barbers, cosmetologists (hair dressers), massage therapists, aviation mechanics and realtors are licensed by other agencies. The Texas Workforce Commission issues a Certificate of Approval to licensed schools. If.

Not applicable for public or public post-secondary schools. How long does the review process take when applying for a new barber school license? All applications are processed in the order received, and therefore our division cannot specify a length of time for the review and approval process.

The application process can be lengthy and all requirements must be met before approval will be granted. Our staff works diligently to approve all school and curriculum applications as soon as possible. Can I open a new barber school and enroll students while waiting for approval from the department?

No, students cannot be enrolled unless the school has passed inspection, been approved and their barber school license has been received. In accordance with House Bill 85th Regular Session, , on September 1, TDLR may no longer establish building or facility standards that are not related to Health and Safety removing the requirements of square footage, number of chairs, and number of sinks.

Once your Texas Barber school permit application has been approved, and all requirements have been met which includes the approval of the curriculum, then you will be notified by the department.

You will be required to verify that all equipment has been installed, and that the facility is ready for inspection. Once this information is received, you will be contacted by an inspector to schedule your initial inspection. If I hold a barber school license, can I offer any of the barber curriculum from You can only offer the curriculum which has been approved by the department. If you want to add new curriculum you must submit the Barber school curriculum approval application and certification statement of required documentation.

Schools seeking to change physical locations must submit an application form, and the new location must be inspected prior to offering instruction to students at the new location. Please see the Relocation of a Barber School page for more details. Can I operate a barber and cosmetology school and share the theory classroom space?

No, you must apply for both a barber school license and a cosmetology school license and meet all requirements for licensure. Can I operate a cosmetology school in the same space as my barber school and share equipment? I have several theory-classrooms, can I offer barber and cosmetology at the same time in different classrooms? Yes, classes can be held at the same time, but not in the same space. You must hold both the barber and the cosmetology school license and meet all requirements.

If I am approved for both a barber school license and a cosmetology school license, will I be required to have two separate inspections. Yes, each school will need to have the initial inspection, but the inspections can be completed on the same day assuming all requirements have been met. If I hold both a barber school license and a cosmetology school license, can the same instructor teach in both schools?

A licensed barber instructor is required to teach in the barber school and a licensed cosmetology instructor is required to teach in the cosmetology school. If a licensee holds both the barber instructor license and the cosmetology instructor license, then the instructor can teach in both schools.