How to make a paper cat in the hat hat

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how to make a paper cat in the hat hat

How to Make a Cat in the Hat Felt Hat With Your Preschooler

The trademark hat of the Cat in the Hat is quite easy to make. Measure the circumference of your head. Draw a circle on a piece of white paper that size and draw a circle about 3 inches wider around it. Around the inside edge, draw four evenly spaced, rectangular tabs facing the center. Cut out this circle-with-tabs shape; it will be the brim. Feb 28, I remember the days back when I was teaching in the classroom where we would try to assemble Cat in the Hat hats using large pieces of construction paper and they never stayed together. This year after reading The Cat in the Hat at home, we tried making a paper plate version and it took NO TIME AT ALL! I let the boys use markers to paint their stripes on their hats, but you could also.

Is it too cold to play outside today? Do you like to cut, glue and scribble away? Suess might say! Scroll down to see five different and easy ideas for crafting the Cat in the Haat.

Got a few extra minutes? Hope over to Woo Jr, where blogger mama Wendy overs up the how-to for not only the Cat in the Hat but his partners in crime, Thing 1 and 2. We are obsessed with her adorable Cat in the Hat pencil cwt. For the whole she-bang, hop over to Obseussed. Grab some construction paper, red and green paint, googly eyes and get steppin.

For more about how to create this craft, head over yow The Stuff We Do. Classic Cat in the Hat A fine design, oh what a find! We are loving tl classic Cat in the Hat paper plate craft those whiskers! Melissa Coleman offers up a tutorial using those go-to supplies all kids can use, including markers or paint pick one!

We love the extra bowtie added for a little pizzazz. What is your favorite way to make The How to start an investment advisory firm in the Haf Share with us in the Comments!

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How To Make A Cat In The Hat from Dr. Seuss ?Hat Arts and Crafts Project for Kids

Jan 31, Directions: * First cut your black tissue paper into small squares {let the kids practice their cutting skills} * Take your paper plate and put a good amount of glue around the rim. * Have children place the tissue paper on top of the glue, until the paper plate rim is completely covered and looks like fur on the cat. Draw a circle on the tracing paper, matching the circumference to the measurement you made. Mark a line about 1/2 inch inside that circle. Mark 3 inches outside the circle, all the way around. Connect the marks to make another, larger circle. Trace the pattern onto the red felt. Cut around the outside circle. Make a slit inside the smallest circle. Making a Cat In The Hat Hat of course! Take a large piece of red construction paper and make sure that it will fit around your head. With the scissors, cut the white construction paper into 1 inch strips and glue them onto the red construction paper. Make a tube that will fit .

Categories Crafting with Kids! This Cat in the Hat paper plate craft is easy for little hands and a perfect way to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day. Post contains affiliate links. Of course, this cat in the hat craft goes right along with the classic book created by Dr. It would be a great book to add to your collection during this Read Across America time of year. You can even add a stuffed cat and his iconic hat to go along with all the fun. Flip a paper plate over and paint the edging of the paper plate with black craft paint.

We sponged the edges around the white so that it would look like fur, you know since he is a cat and all. Use a sharpie and draw a hat onto a piece of stock paper. Then draw the stripes and fill the red in with a marker, sharpie or paint. Whatever you have on hand will be fine. We used a red sharpie. Use craft glue and attach the hat and wiggly eyes these are optional too, you can draw them on.

As well as go ahead and draw on his nose and mouth. At this point, we attached the whiskers. Now you can use the leftover stock paper and make some ears and attach them with craft glue. The last step is optional. You can use more stock paper and draw a tie or just leave it off altogether. We always like to add that extra touch so we chose to give him a tie. Here are even more awesome Cat in the Hat knows a lot about books you might enjoy.

If you enjoyed this Cat in the Hat paper plate craft you might also like these other Dr. Seuss crafts and ideas. As well go ahead and draw on his nose and mouth. We used hot glue to do this because I find that pipe cleaners don't hold well with craft glue. Instructions 1. Quick and Easy Easter Pinwheel Cookies. Click here to cancel reply.

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