How to make a corner computer desk

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how to make a corner computer desk

Corner Desk Ideas

Step Two - Build Computer Desk Frame. A corner computer desk consists of a basic rectangular frame. The only difference in the building of the corner desk is the actual shape of the desktop. Cut two pieces of 1x4 lumber to the dimensions you need for the length of the table. This is the front and back portion. Cut two more pieces for the sides. Allow at least 4 feet on each side from the corner if you plan on using a monitor. Step 3 - Installing the Supports. Place the filing cabinets in each end of the desk. Make sure you can open the drawers. Start in the corner and measure up 32 inches (the same measurement as your filing cabinets) and use the level to transfer the marks on each wall.

Everyone family wants cornr own home office desk and building in a corner is often the best use of space. Another advantage of home office desks is that they are fairly inexpensive to make. You can make your own office desk at home even if you have only one day to spare. Decide where you dsek the desk take into consideration where you have your outlets and try and build des, that. Check for heating vents and doors that might interfere with using the space.

Once you have decided take a few measurements so you can decide on what size desk you need. Measure the ro of your filing cabinets and make sure they will fit under the counter top normally 24 inches deep. How much room do you need on top of your corner desk? Des, up space for things like: 1 or 2 computers, monitors, a lamp, printer or how to know if i am manglik or not scanner or both, fo storage, room for writing and laptops.

You might also need space for modems, connectors dsk other deesk. The Filing cabinets will be underneath the desktop on either end but there still might be room what temperature to cook meatballs storage underneath.

Make sure t leave plenty of leg room and circulation for electronics. Buy a laminated counter top piece that best suits your needs, if it is too long on one side you can cut it down with a skill saw or Jigsaw. Tape the cut like to prevent chipping the laminate. Allow at least 4 feet on each side from the corner if you plan on using a monitor. Place the filing cabinets in each end of the desk. Make sure you can open the drawers.

Start in the corner and measure up 32 inches the same measurement as your filing cabinets and use the level to transfer the marks on how to make a corner computer desk wall.

Pre-drill and screw cleats into wall studs. Cleats are pieces of 2 by 2 inch supports screwed to the wall that hold up the back edge. Install cleats the the entire length of the desk on both walls, they should be level with the filing cabinets and butt up against them.

Place the corner counter top with back edge on the cleats and sides on filing cabinets. Pre-drill several holes thru counter top and screw into wooden cleats to keep in place. Sometimes the rounded front corner of the countertops will block the top drawer of the filing cabinet form opening, in corer case, move the cleats up on the wall to adjust for it and add blocks on the top of the filing cabinets to compensate. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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DIY, Built-in, and Vintage Options

Apr 20,  · Build Your Own Computer Desk Plans. – This DIY Corner Computer Desk Plans has it all, vertical storage space as well as horizontal. These computer desk plans are detailed in a step-by-step layout to guide you through the process of building it yourself. This corner computer desk is totally made for space saving furniture. A modern and trendy appearance can make it more great. It is perfect both for small home and small apartment, even for small condo. Rustic Pallet DIY Corner Desk Ideas. This step by step diy project is about how to build a corner desk. Building a l-shaped corner desk is easy and it will create lots of storage space in your bedroom. Article by HowToSpecialist. k. Diy L Shaped Desk L Shaped Corner Desk Corner Desk Diy Floating Corner Desk Corner Vanity Bedroom Corner Corner Table Bedroom Desk Diy Computer Desk.

These computer desk plans are detailed in a step-by-step layout to guide you through the process of building it yourself. When building your DIY corner computer desk plans remember, it is important to pre-cut all of your pieces and gather all of your supplies. Have the area you intend to place the desk cleaned and ready to accept this massive desk. Unless you have a large doorway and strong helpers, moving this desk is a monumental task, so build on site.

Utilize a garage or workshop for the prep work. To begin building your DIY computer corner desk, find the center leg pieces you precut. These are labeled B. Now that you have the center leg assembled, it is time to put together the left side leg. This leg sits on a platform which also doubles as a bottom shelf.

Start by placing the left side bottom piece P on the floor in the general area you wish the left side of your corner desk to be. You may need a helper to assemble the legs and the back piece.

The proper placement of the back panel is on center. Screw them together, keeping the back panel on the outer edge next to the floor, not on top of the bottom piece. Now tip the bottom piece P on end, laying the back on the floor. You will notice remaining room extending on the sides and front. This is correct. They will need to hold these pieces as you screw them together. After you have secured the leg panels A to the bottom P , it is time to raise the entire section back upright.

Next, you will want to add the left desk top G to the unit. To do this, place the top on the bottom legs A , keeping a slight overhang on the left and front.

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