How to look like a bratz doll

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how to look like a bratz doll

I look like a Bratz doll?

For a true Bratz doll look, you need to go overboard on the lips. Use lots of super-shiny gloss over a hot pink or purple lipstick. (Don't use lip liner!). Apr 14,  · You do need to have a steady hand to get this perfect, as some commenters have claimed that they ended up looking more like The Joker than their favourite Bratz character. If .

If you have searched long an hard for how to dress like a Bratz doll, and have not been satisfied with what you found, then you have come to the right place! I hope that these instructions make it easy for you to get an awesome Bratz doll look with just the right amount of bling, pizazz, and you! This article gives clear instructions on how to dress, do makeup, and have hair what is a sdhc memory card used for your favorite Bratz doll.

Steps Scarves. Get ones with neon colors, eye-popping color combos, and cool animal prints. Claire's Accessories is a good spot to shop for this look. Arm warmers. These are warm yet stylish. They are best in winter, when it is practical. However, during other seasons you can wear just one as a fab fashion accessory. You can also make them. Cut off the feet of some cool knee socks, and cut places for your thumbs. Ta da! Try boat necks, one shoulder, and tanks.

You can create a stylish outfit with a simple tank and a cute sweater. NEVER wear strapless shirts or dresses without a sweater. Wear sparkly see-through sweaters OVER shirts. Poofy sleeves are also big among the Bratz dolls. A vest is also super cool when it's spruced up with some bling. Mini skirts. These are especially nice with rhinestones, appliques, and jewels. Make sure that they are skorts, or you wear appropriate leggings. Jeans are super-cute with heels. Bratz dolls are into bell-bottom jeans, but skinny jeans tucked into boots are also super-fab.

Jean shorts are also good over leggings. You can spruce up some old jeans with some cool bling. I've got three words for you: Heels, Heels, and heels! Bratz dolls LOVE heels. You can do any kind of heel- converse heels, boot heels, whatever you like. If you can't wear heels, then certainly wear flats, converse, or no-heel boots.

Accessories and bling are very important to the Bratz dolls. Long earrings are a must. If you don't have your ears pierced, you can get snap-ons or magnetic. Wear one comfy choker, and long necklaces. Bracelets are also important. Wear lots of them especially with short sleeves.

Bangles and charm bracelets are best :. Always have an emergency makeup kit, your cell, and emergency cash in your purse. Liquid eye liner works best, but normal is also great. Eye shadow. Use either purple, blue, silver, or gold on your lid. Use a darker version of that color at the crease, but don't go higher.

Don't use mascara. Use fake lashes or nothing at all. Mascara can damage you lashes. Use a little, but only if you need it. The focus should be on how to earn your first million in forex trading eyes and lips.

For a true Bratz doll look, you need to go overboard on the lips. Use lots of super-shiny gloss over a hot pink or purple lipstick. Don't use lip liner! Most Bratz dolls wear their hair loose. A high ponytail is good. If you're allowed, do two streaks. One on each side of the head, in the very front by the face. Tips Use mascara for dramatic eyes, just like the Bratz dolls! Go shopping at a mall with your friends.

It's fun, and it's also a chance to show off your cool outfit! Warnings Don't wear makeup if you're not allowed. Don't do streaks if you're not allowed. Make sure you follow your school dress code.

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She laughed and said, “You kind of look like a Bratz doll.” My elementary school self was screaming. Once I started thinking about it, I realized I was always a Bratz over Barbie girl. Chloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin were my BFF and style goals (okay, let’s be honest, they still are). I vividly remember going to Toys "R" Us and seriously. Oct 01,  · What Would Your Bratz Doll Look Like According To Your Face? See what you'd look like as a doll! | You bored? Let's Vonvon! Language Changed {{siblingLang}} ?? qrcode ?? ?? ?? {{ }} [????] ABOUT. Nov 28,  · Looking like a Bratz doll means you are GORGEOUS, you look like a model, and PHOTOGENIC. When they said that you look like a bratz doll, that means that they love you look, and that's why you were.

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Today I was at a callback audition for a guest roll and iCarly and I over heard the casting director say that I looked like I could be a Bratz doll What does that mean?? That I look plastic, fake? I'm not sure Do you think I look like a Bratz doll? Is that a good or a bad thing? Sorry those pictures were taken with my built in camera on my laptop, so yeah obviously I don't look very photogenic in them.

But it's not like my facial features are any different. Please help! This role is between me and 3 other girls, and I think the part would really help launch my career! So what should I do to approve? And I'm 14 by the way.. When they said that you look like a bratz doll, that means that they love you look, and that's why you were at a "callback" auditon. My friend was called a Bratz doll before because she has such a tiny, petite body so it makes her head look a lot bigger than it is.

Plus her hair is very thick and bouncy. I don't really think you look like a Bratz doll at all from the pictures. You have "cats eyes" and a full bottom lip - like a bratz doll. I dont think it's a bad thing, you are pretty. I see what they mean, the big pouty lips, stunning green eyes, and tan skin, but dont take it badly, you're very beautiful.

I dont think you can really do that much, you look quite natural looking, just dont go ott with makeup or highlights, stuff like that.

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