How to identify a stiffel lamp

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how to identify a stiffel lamp

Stiffel Lamp information

Dec 14,  · A Clue in the Base Stiffel lamps often contain a foil signature decal on the bottom of the lamp's metal or high-quality wood base. Look for "Stiffel Lamp Company," "SLC" or . Apr 12,  · Unscrew the base of the lamp and look inside of the base for a maker’s mark or signature that says “Stiffel Lamp Company” or “SLC.”. Look for common combinations of metals and wood on Stiffel lamps, such as pewter and walnut or other metals with wood, such as brass or bronze.

Ted Stiffel illuminated the functional world of lighting by designing lamps following the art deco and minimalist aesthetics of his day. Up until he formed his Chicago-based company inmost lamps -- except tto made by Tiffany -- lacked any attractive appeal. Once Stiffel introduced artistic qualities to lamp designs, many companies copied him to create similar, but cheaper, lamps. One of the hallmarks of a Stiffel lamp besides its aesthetic appearance is its weight.

All Stiffel lamps are carefully weighted. One clear siffel you have a old-style Stiffel floor lamp is the light switch. How to configure gmail in outlook 2007 imap with the Stiffel switch, this Stiffel patented design was produced on his pole lamps from the s until he lost the use of his patent after a Supreme Court case in The switch works by allowing you to grasp and gently pull down on the pole's shaft to turn the light on or off.

Although a few Stiffel lamps followed the bulky Gothic styles in use during the s, most of his lamps have a lean, sculptured and well-balanced appearance. Another hhow where you might find a marker is inside the shade.

If it is original to the lamp, the Stiffel company often placed a small foil decal on the inside of the lampshade with the name "Stiffel" or z Lamp Company. Many hkw Stiffel how to identify a stiffel lamp are made of silk shantung from China, a material not commonly in use by other lamp makers of the time. Stiffel lamps often contain a foil signature decal on the lsmp of the lamp's metal or high-quality wood base. If the lamp base has a felt cover over an open area, unscrew the lamp base from the light fixture, remove the felt and examine the inside for information.

When markers are missing, other indicators can suggest that your lamp is idenify Stiffel. Stiffel lamps also are heavier than knockoffs because of their materials and the care dtiffel in properly weighting them. Metals used include pewter, bronze, brass and silver. Finishes include polished nickel; antique, burnished and aged brass; silver or a combination of polished nickel and black. Some table lamps had smoked umber finishes, were made from Roman bronze, or were gunmetal gray.

With the shade attached, Stiffel table lamps are at or above what is the largest ocean current inches tall. If the lamp is heavy when you lift it, chances are good it is a Stiffel, especially if it shares design features with photos of Stiffel etiffel online.

As a native Californian, artist, journalist and published author, Laurie Brenner began writing professionally in She has written for newspapers, magazines, online publications and sites.

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Jan 03,  · How do I identify a Stiffel lamp? First, turn the lamp over and look under the base. The original bronze (or similar metal) base should have a patina, i.e. a brownish or greenish film on the surface of the metal that occurs naturally. If you have an antique table lamp and cannot find a dating, a date lamps or any other identifying feature, locate a collector's book lamps lamps to identify the manufacturer, which may help you find stiffel date the lamp was made. Apr 20,  · Simply so, how do you tell if a lamp is a Stiffel? Look for "Stiffel Lamp Company," "SLC" or "Stiffel" on the decal or etched into the bottom of the lamp's base. If the lamp base has a felt cover over an open area, unscrew the lamp base from the light fixture, remove the felt and examine the inside for information.

Am I right? Well, I will show you exactly why you should invest in Stiffel Lamps today, or why someone else did, and how to take care of the Stiffel Lamps you now own. But why did I? In our disposable society, we forget how paying a premium for quality items allows us to use fewer things because we don't have to throw them out when they inevitably wear out in a few months.

Sadly, many people stop analyzing and thinking about the true lifetime value of what they are shopping for, and especially when it comes to lighting. A lamp is a lamp, right? Or is it? Is the bottom line the only factor in purchasing a lamp, or should the materials and quality of an item play a part? Is there more to why The Stiffel Lamps Company has been made and treasured in America for over 80 years?

Below you will find every reason to not only invest in a Stiffel Lamp or Stiffel Lamp Set but how to care for that lamp so that it lasts for generations.

So we asked ourselves, "What do the people want to know about the company in the present day, as well as its history and man that founded Stiffel all the way back in ?

When we set out to write this guide we wanted it to be the most comprehensive, centralized piece of information on the internet regarding all things having to do with Stiffel Lamps:. So just below will be a quick links reference list of topics we discuss regarding all things Stiffel Lamps.

If you know what you are looking for, click on one and get your answer right away, or if you want to know everything there is to know about Stiffel Table Lamps and why LampsUSA values them so much, then read the whole article. Stiffel Lamps are not just lamps like any other lamp. They are truly pieces of art that function to not only light a room but act as decoration and many lovers of Stiffel Lamps will plan their interior design around their favorite lamp set or Stiffel table lamps or floor lamp.

While other companies find cheap workarounds that compromise the quality and longevity not to mention aesthetics of their products Stiffel adheres to time-tested methods of designing and producing each piece of art, they call a Stiffel Lamp , by hand. It takes up to a week, from pouring the initial cast to polishing off the last imperfection, to make the perfect product get the Stiffel Lamps Seal.

So when you make the decision to treat yourself to Stiffel Table Lamps or desk lamps or a Stiffel Brass Table Lamp , you know that you are getting a lifetime of quality and design that no other brand comes close to. You treat yourself to a Stiffel Lamp because you know that true quality and craftsmanship coupled with an unparalleled design is not something that everyone truly appreciates. Owners of Stiffel Lamps pride themselves on not only recognizing beauty but truly appreciating it.

The founder of the Stiffel Lamps Company made designer lamps in when an interior design wasn't a job, and lights were meant to keep a room lit. As if that is not enough today, sadly, still many lamps are meant to simply keep a room lit.

They are cheap, plastic light holders. Stiffel Lamps can light a room without their patented Stiffel switch even turned on because they are crafted with design and purpose. Stiffel lamps are meant to be seen and prized because they contain an attention to detail not found in big box store cheap lamps.

Their value only skyrockets when you remember that many families pass down Stiffel Lamps as heirlooms for generations. The Stiffel Lamp Company has a unique history and a place in Americans hearts since its humble beginnings in Before Stiffel Lamps, if you wanted a luxury, designer lamp that was not just functional you had only one company to go to, Tiffany. Today there are many "designer" lighting companies but none with the history that the Stiffel Lamps Company has. There are many reasons to be interested in the history of Stiffel Lamps beyond just being a history buff:.

Regardless of why you are researching the history of the Stiffel Lamps Company, you will find your answers here. Ted Stiffel started the Stiffel Lamps Company back in when it was quite a risk to start making designer lamps and lighting products when almost no one else was doing it. Even though Ted Stiffel no longer runs the show today, all Stiffel Lamps are still handcrafted and designed to be a unique piece of art. From the tiniest details, like a stamp on the top of the lampshade metal, to the hand polishing to finish the lamp base, Stiffel Lamps are made like no other lamp and look like no other lamp.

Stiffel Lamps did well early on, but during WWII they started making bolts for the war effort until the government contracts dried up. After the war, Ted Stiffel went back to doing what he does best, designing and manufacturing high quality, one-of-a-kind lamps.

Today the tradition carries on, although not in Chicago, but in New Jersey. In a 40, square foot facility, each Stiffel Lamp is still made in the tradition of its founder. A quote is taken directly from Stiffel Lamps websites on how the new will merge with the old:. The initial product launch will be inspired by Stiffel designs of the past. Check out this video below of the Stiffel Lamps factory to get an inside look at how the process works today:.

Stiffel even had to sue Sears and Roebuck a long time ago and by it went all the way to the Supreme Court! When re-designing a room or choosing a table lamp for your room and you are planning on investing a lot into the room you want to make sure you get the right lamp with the right look.

So if you don't get it right the first time LampsUSA will stick with you until you find exactly the right Stiffel Lamps for whatever room you are searching for. Give us a call and our expert staff will help you find the perfect Stiffel Table or Floor Lamp for your room. The 3 way lamp is pictured below and the Brass Lamps well I will show a few pictures:.

If your room, whether a living room, family room, dining room or office, has classic stylings and maybe other vintage paintings, furniture, sculptures or antiques, then classic or traditional Stiffel Lamps will suit your room best. We have seen many rooms that have art collections and furniture from around the world and they are accented perfectly by Stiffel Lamps. While Stiffel is best known for its traditional Stiffel brass lamps or its classic stylings, they have recently branched out and started to produce more casual styles.

It gets better if you are a minimalist or lover of modern art and design. If you are designing a room that has a new look or a ore modern feel to it, like something with clean lines and minimalist stylings then Stiffel has started making some table lamps like the Stiffel 3-Way Table Lamp Polished Nickel casual design lamps.

The Stiffel Lamps Company has a huge selection of contemporary style table lam ps. A perfect example of a Stiffel contemporary table lamp that can be mixed and matched to fit any style of home or even individual room that has a more contemporary feel.

To the right is a picture of this unique design and amazing lamp:. From this amazing gun metal color to the various types of nickel colors from polished nickel to antique nickel.

Below are two types of nickel that are described above. Click on the pictures to go to that specific contemporary table lamp or any of the above links to go to the general Stiffel Lamps contemporary table lamp page. LampsUSA is always looking for ways to make it easier for you to find the perfect Stiffel Lamps for your home to create the perfect look. Whether you are searching for the right style, size or color then LampsUSA has you covered.

Check out this simple menu:. Use the menu pictured above to narrow down your search on any page but specifically from the main Stiffel Lamps page. You know we have all faced this problem with some item that we cherish and maybe others don't get it but to us this item, in this case your Stiffel Lamps, need to be cleaned and made to look like new or it is out with the old and in with something you are not sure you will like!

So how do we save your favorite Stiffel Lamps? Fortunately, because of the high quality materials used and careful construction of Stiffel Lamp Bases, the shade themselves will war out long before the lamps themselves. The answer is actually a lot easier than you think. I am about to introduce you to the single most simple interior design secret out their for cleaning and restoring any dirty or used, but especially vintage and antique, lampshades.

Previously, if your Stiffel Lamp Shade got ripped or just plain got worn out then you had to either have some vintage professiona l lampshade guru fix or repair your damaged lampshade or your had to get a lamp shade that came close to matching your Stiffel Lamps.

Well with the introduction of official Stiffel Replacment Lampshades you can now replace your old, vintage or damaged Stiffel Lamp Shade with an authentic, made by the Stiffel Lamps Company themselves, lampshade. LampsUSA is currently in the process of adding the new Stiffel Replacement Lamp Shades to our site so either check back or ask and we can special order for you. Just say to make Eric do it While we sell a lot of new Stiffel Lamps and Stiffel Table Lamps made of many of the same materials as the originals were made we are not professional restoration experts.

We found a few answers that might help you but we highly suggest you talk to a restoration expert. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the value of Vintage Stiffel Lamps or if you just have one then lamp.

How old is it? Was there another designer involved because if it were designed by Tommi Parzinger during the Mid-Century Modern period then it would be worth considerably more than a Stiffel Lamp from another period. At Justcollecting. Not bad for a lamp used for a lifetime but if you were looking to strike it rich off Grandmas lamp then you better start looking elsewhere. So who knows maybe you can make a little off a vintage stiffel lamp. If eBay or Etsy are any clue then just check out the prices for various Stiffel Lamps on eBay and then head over to Etsy.

Click anywhere it says eBay or Etsy to go to the pricing that people are asking! Below is a checklist to go over to help you determine if spending the time to find the vintage Stiffel Lamps Value is worth it. If you came to this blog looking for ways to fix an old Stiffel Lamp then maybe you should take a look at what they have to offer now. Whether you just have a Siffel Floor Lamp you love or have three rooms with Stifffel Table Lamps Sets there is always room for more beauty and quality in every home.

We hope that you learned something, whether it was about your Stiffel Lampshade or how to figure out the vintage Stiffel Lamps value or if you found a new style of Stiffel Table Lamps you just have to own then this blog has been a success. Join our newsletter for updates on more brands, trends and to know when we have special sales just for our email subscribers.

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