How to go natural with relaxed hair

08.08.2020 By Kajilkree

how to go natural with relaxed hair

How to Go From Relaxed to Natural Hair

Oct 18,  · Transitioning to natural hair simply means that you want to let go of the creamy crack (perm) and embrace the hair that naturally grows directly out of your head. When you make up your mind about going from relaxed to natural you take it slowly by allowing your hair to slowly grow out whilst only trimming off the permed ends bit by bit. Mar 30,  · To state it simply, once you decide that you’re not getting another relaxer, you are officially transitioning to natural hair. Try to identify the boundary between the meeting point of your relaxed and natural hair. This meeting point is called the line of demarcation.

You might be sitting on the fence right now when you think about transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Despite what some people might say life with hair does not suddenly become easier just because you have decided to go natural. There are lots of things that you need to take into consideration. You will have to get used to caring for natural hair which is completely different from having relaxed hair. Not only that but you will have to get sith to the new you.

You will look quite different to yourself and it takes some time to get used to. Well once you go natural you have to re-learn all of that again.

If you are considering transitioning to natural hair without having to do the big chop then I have a few tips that haiir help you along the way and make life seem much easier.

Transitioning to natural hair simply means that you want to let go of the creamy natiral perm and embrace the hair that naturally grows directly out of your head. When you make up your mind about going from relaxed to natural you take nztural slowly by allowing your hair haig slowly grow out whilst only trimming off the permed ends bit by bit.

The idea is that you how to go natural with relaxed hair for your new growth to come in so that you can maintain the length of your hair. The big chop is not always an option for some people so transitioning can make that a little easier. Anything that you want to do that is new will take time to learn. As how to compare two spreadsheets as you can you should start to get to understand all about your new hair growth.

As your new growth comes in wihh will feel very different from the relaxed hair that you are used to. In fact, it will feel how to haggle car price down hard and dry and you will probably wonder at tl point if going natural is the right thing for you to do.

This is why it is so important to learn about how to manage your natural hair growth. Natural hair is dry and needs moisture. There will be a big difference between how your natural hair feels and your relaxed hair feels. The more your hair continues to grow out the less hard your hair should seem as the natural begins to take over the perm. There is og a period of adjustment that needs to take place here.

If you are expecting that nothing will change during this transition period, natrual, that will not be the case. As your natural hair growth comes in you might find the hairstyles that you were working with before no longer work. It will feel difficult at first but I wiht tell you that the more your hair grows the easier it will get, you just have to be prepared to wait for the adjustment period to pass.

You should trim as and rellaxed you feel ready. Some people like to wait longer and others start to trim straight away. It really does depend on what you can tolerate and how you can handle your hair afterwards. What you may find the more your natural hair starts to grow is that where your natural hair and permed hair meets the line of demarcation you may start to experience some breakage.

You may find that as time goes on you will be trimming larger amounts of your relaxed hair off as your new growth comes in in order to cover up the breakage. Learning to keep your hair moisturised is a big one. If you fail to moisturise your hair properly it will become hard, dry and brittle and will be more prone to breakage. No more running away from the rain in order to keep your hair dry.

Water is now your repaxed friend. Try to moisturise your hair hpw few days by spriting it with water and using natudal leave-in conditioner.

The LOC method is a great way to ensure your natural hair is at full potential. Hairstyles can become difficult to come by as you haair to work with 2 textures that do very different things. Natural hair likes to stand up whist relaxed hair likes to lay flat. Repaxed you find a hairstyle that work, stick with it and become a master at it.

Now is not really the time to be trying to work out lots of different bair because your hair is in a very delicate state so, therefore, leave it alone as much as you can. You can protect your hair by using wigs, weaves or braids. Even though natural hair can seem delaxed strong it is not. You need to learn to be very delicate with your hair and treat it with care and attention. When I decided to become natural I watched hours and hours of youtube videos about natural hair.

One thing that always came across to me was that it had to be handled with care. That meant no pulling and keeping hairstyles quite low-level maintenance. I embraced this tip and Wth think it is one of the things how to decorate a baby gift basket allowed me to grow bair hair long so quickly.

If you learn to be delicate and caring with your hkw hair now it will become your secret weapon the more it starts to nathral. Believe me, black women can grow their hair to waist lengthyou just have to care about it. You might be used to washing your hair with shampoo and then conditioner. When how to go natural with relaxed hair decide to become natural it is much better to co-wash your hair rather than shampoo each time. The problem with shampoo is that it strips away a lot of moisture and can leave your hair feeling very dry even after you have used a conditioner.

As explained already natural hair is naturally dry but it needs moisture so you need to try to retain as much moisture as you can. Choosing to co-wash naturao wash will be much better for you.

If you are prone to a lot of build-up then you can clarify your hair with shampoo once relsxed few months rather than at each wash. If whist transitioning from relaxed rrelaxed natural hair you feel a bit bored adding accessories can be a huge help.

Using headscarves and bands can be a how to make money easy online way to add some hair candy and revive your hair a bit whilst you are in the transiting stage.

There is ho rule that says once you start transitioning you have to stick with it. You can change your mind how to get free experian credit report decide to big chop nattural.

I did a big chop and it was liberating for me because I knew I could never transition. Transiting to natural hair relaxef not necessarily the easy option. It comes with its own set of personal challenges. So if you feel transitioning is not for you try your hand at the big chop instead! There is no specific hair transitioning timeline. A lot will depend on you and how you handle your hair. You can also decide to cut off your permed hair much earlier than expected if you feel you have enough length to manage with.

You can trim without natura, to cut your hair but please use proper haircutting scissors like natyral if go are going to do it yourself. Most of us have been there at some point. If transitioning is too hard for you then I would strongly suggest a protective style until how to fret a guitar properly period is over or consider doing the big chop. No matter what you decide just know that your natural hair is beautiful and a crown to be worn with pride.

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Jun 10,  · Cleanse your hair at the root while massaging your scalp once or twice a week. If you are active and/or use a good amount of styling product or .

Going natural from relaxed hair seems to be a hot topic of late; simply because many women who decide to go natural would rather not big chop. The first step for going natural and progressing towards a rewarding natural hair experience is understanding what the term natural hair actually means.

There are multiple definitions of the term online, but we tend to use the most common definition:. Natural hair is defined as african american hair or similar hair types that is relaxer-free.

However, some people may say perm-free or chemical-free. While people who use the terms perm-free and chemical-free are likely referring to natural hair and the process of going natural, those terms are technically inaccurate interpretations of what natural hair really means. Even though chemicals are usually thought of as harmful, chemicals are, in most cases, pretty harmless.

For example, water is a chemical that people come across each and every day, and water is one of the most necessary elements for life to survive. So, not all chemicals are destructive. Situations also often occur in which African American women get treated unfairly by their employers who say that black natural hairstyles are not professional.

Natural hair has also caused some women to be overlooked or not really considered for promotional opportunities at work or for new employment opportunities and has even caused some couples to have relationship problems.

If you want assistance in transitioning or want to obtain resources to help you care for your natural hair, this article is for you. There is one clear-cut reason that the various hair types like 3a, 4b, LOIS, etc.

There are many common things that most women have to do to take care of their hair. No matter what type of hair you have, there are common tips, techniques, and strategies that promote healthy hair. We will several discuss several of those strategies within this article.

For example, try to cut back on or eliminate heat styling, keep your hair clean, make sure that you stay hydrated, and try to keep your stress level at a minimum. This statement is especially true for new naturals. Try to identify the boundary between the meeting point of your relaxed and natural hair. This meeting point is called the line of demarcation.

It is usually easy to find the line of demarcation because the hair texture will change at this point. During your journey, it is really important to listen to your hair because it will ultimately let you know what it needs. New naturals often struggle to understand what this means. To be clear, I will give you an example.

If you begin to notice that your products no longer work like they once did, then it might be time for a clarifying session. You can accomplish this by using a clarifying shampoo to remove product build-up, which should give your hair a squeaky clean feeling. New naturals — especially ones who have decided to transition, can benefit tremendously by starting a natural hair journal.

Next, a crucial step to going natural from relaxed hair is finding your first set of products. This is where many naturals spend hundreds of dollars, sometimes thousands of dollars, trying new products. This process of continuing to buy product after product is addictive for many women. Many times product junkies are simply chasing a better product. You will learn to better understand your hair as you try different products and will ultimately find the products that are right for you. Advice: Start your natural hair journal to begin learning and documenting what your hair likes and dislikes.

There are four phases involved in the hair growth cycle. The growth phase is called anagen, and the transitional phase is called catagen. The third phase is known as resting or telogen. Finally, the fourth phase, which is the shedding phase, is called exogen. The phase of active growth is fairly short, and because of this, some people experience trouble getting their hair to grow past a set length.

Many people confuse their personal growth issues, with the concept of terminal length. Terminal length refers to a limitation that your hair has to grow past a particular length. Advice: As long as the shedding does not seem to have gone completely overboard, worrying about shedding is almost always unnecessary. If it does seem overboard, look into these areas: medications currently being taken, stress, any potential illnesses, nutrition and dieting, tight hairdos, changes in hormones, or Alopecia Areata.

Many of the areas may require a licensed medical professional like a doctor to properly diagnose the main cause of the hair shedding that you are experiencing. Your hair is dead, not living material. This is why you can have it cut with scissors, flat iron it , or put harsh chemicals on it and not feel anything. This explains why the process of going natural from relaxed hair is necessary.

Damaged hair can always be removed, either by trimming it away or by growing it out. For example, there is not a permanent cure for split-ends, although some people will disagree with that.

There are conditioners that can actually temporarily repair split-ends, but the repair or fix is not permanent. These same split-ends will eventually come back after a period of time. One common cause of excessive breakage is tight hairstyles, such as really tight braids and tight ponytails. If you experience constant breaking, you should attempt to determine the root cause of the breakage. Harsh chemical use, tight styles, harsh treatment, and heat are the most traditional causes of breakage.

Advice: Popular heating appliances, such as pressing combs, curling irons, and flat irons , can cause damage to the hair strand because of the high temperatures. If you choose to utilize heat, you should take precautions to mitigate heat damage — like using a heat protectant.

Use this test: If a heating appliance is so hot that it can burn your skin, there is a very good chance that the appliance is hot enough to cause heat damage. This simply means that higher heat settings have a greater chance of causing heat damage on a probability basis. So, be certain to steer clear of chemical processes like relaxers that have the potential to change the texture of your hair and stay away from excessively tight hairstyles.

In general, if a food is nutritious and good for your body, it will help you have hair that is healthier. Unhealthy eating could negatively impact the health of your hair as well. Supplements and vitamins can be helpful in reaching the full potential of your hair if you have certain medical conditions or do not eat a nutritious, balanced diet. Advice: Regular exercise can have positive effects on your hair, but only indirectly by reducing stress and promoting good overall health.

Protective styles are crucial to making significant growth progress with your natural hair. Advice: Find a few protective styles that you like and add them to your natural hair regimen. The key is to keep the ends of your hair protected to encourage length retention. Some good protective hairstyles to try are buns, updos, and french rolls. Outside of simply adding more protective styles to your regimen, try to add more protection to your regimen overall.

When going natural from relaxed hair, there may be several things that you have to deal with: multiple textures, dandruff, and dryness are only a few of the problems that you might encounter. When having difficulties with your hair, the first thing you should do is go to your journal because it is the best place to look when trying to correct problems during your journey.

Try to understand the root cause of the issue. Some questions to ask could be: Has your routine changed at all? Did you recently introduce a new product into your regimen? Have you started taking a new medication? Have you started a new job that is stressing you out? There are so many questions that you could potentially ask that would shed light on the potential problem.

The key is to focus on understanding the problem and then solving the problem. Chlorine, heat, exposure to the sun or wind, sulfate-filled shampoos, and hard water are just some of the factors that can cause extremely dry hair externally. Lastly, as you work your way through the process of going natural whether you decide to transition or big chop , we are right here to help you along the way. If you have any questions about going natural from relaxed hair, please ask them in the comment section.

He is a serial hair blogger that has been writing about hair care since when he co-founded Curl Centric. Curl Centric is a website operated by a husband and wife team that encourages healthy hair care. Reading this article kind of gave me a great perspective of my intro to wanting to go natural :. I am so glad I found your website. As o f today this will be my last relaxer ever, because I plan to begin my journey to natural hair.

The journal got me really inspired to get one, so I plan yo write in it as soon as I can. Thanks so much! I makes it easy to comb, shiny, and keeps the hair hydrated without being greasy.

It also seems to make my hair grow. As for washing, Dove intensive moisture shampoo and conditioner is also awesome. It cleans without stripping the hair and the condition does a excellent job and makes the hair easy to comb.

This is how I keep it simple healthy growing and easy to manage without breaking the bank. I have a lot of new growth because my hair has been braided for over a year. My own hair, however, I am very tender headed and my hair tangles a lot in the center.

What do you suggest? I go to a salon, but if I have to do my own hair, it will make me want to keep it relaxed, so the comb will go through my hair easier.

When I was a little girl, my mom use to use No More Tangles sometimes. I have had a perm since 15 and I an now 54 with a head full of hair. I know there is a lot of detangling shampoos and some are better than others. Should I take my own?