How to draw omega the robot

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how to draw omega the robot


Someone please draw that. The entire Alpha and Omega, especially the wolf characters. Unlike most people who believe this is a mistake. Liberty Prime. A giant, bipedal robot with Gort's laser eyes and a backpack of miniature nuclear missiles, which it throws like footballs and is . The Omega Rangers draw their powers from the 4 elements of nature: Yellow is powered by Earth, Black by Air, Red by Fire, and Blue by Water Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue Daniele Di Nicuolo stated that the triangular stones on the helmets of the Rangers are based on ancient alchemy symbols of the four elements.

Thank you! I'm so glad to have met you I don't know what my creator was how to stop aluminum from rusting when he made me, but I'm glad that he did because I got to meet all of you! When I first met you all, I was like a little baby robot who couldn't do anything! Heh heh I couldn't even talk!

I was weak, but you all protected me, and played with me. I'm sure there were times when I was a burden, or I was in the way, but in my time with you, I never felt "in danger" or "worried" as Gerald programmed me to.

All I ever felt was "fun" and "excitement. He was an ancient and powerful Gizoid that was created 4, years ago by the Fourth Great Civilization. Millennia later, Emerl was discovered by Gerald Robotnikwho, in an attempt to quell his destructive tendencies, gave him a "soul" based on that of his granddaughter, Maria Robotnik. In the present day, Emerl was acquired by Dr. Eggmanwho tried to use him for world domination, but threw him away when he refused to respond to his commands.

He was later found by Sonic the Hedgehogwho, together with his friends and allies, shaped Emerl into an independent and free being. Tragically, Emerl was destroyed by Sonic when he went haywire and tried to destroy the earth.

Emerl was a humanoid, mostly mustard-yellow, robot. He possessed five-fingered olive-brown hands and feet in the shape of shoes with orange soles. His upper arms, abdomen and thighs were olive-brown, and he had spherical orange joints as shoulders and pelvis-legs joints. He also had relatively thick armor around his forearms and lower legs each one possessing orange cuffsthick kneecaps, and some kind of jetpack on his back.

On his chest, he had three beige circles. Lastly, he possessed a spherical head with a beige mouth plate, blue eyes, orange caps for ears, and a curved orange horn with a concealed blue eye on it on his forehead.

Emerl was created 4, years ago by the Fourth Great Civilization. Eventually, the Gizoid was found in modern times in the ancient ruins. The Gizoid was as well scanned by Gerald, but the amount of combat and weapon data he possessed caused Gerald's most powerful computer to crash. Regardless, it made Gerald realize what a horrible superweapon the Gizoid would become should he be restored to his former state.

I am all things, and all shall belong to me. This made the Gizoid form a Link with Gerald, prompting him to swear loyalty to Gerald and to never leave his side. After that, the Gizoid refused to listen to anyone else but Gerald. When the government threatened to freeze Project Shadow and shut down the Space Colony ARK, Gerald offered the Gizoid as a bribe to the government in order to buy more time to finish Shadow and use him to save his granddaughter, Maria.

However, the Gizoid was subsequently subjected to weapon-absorbing experiments onboard the Space Colony ARK in attempts to override his Link with Gerald and have him establish a new one with a superior power.

The Gizoid eventually fell into Gerald's possession again, but his attempts to destroy the robot's core were met with failure. As an alternative, he tried to reprogam his AI into a free-willed, emotions-based one.

In Sonic Battlethe Gizoid was recovered by Dr. Eggmanwho sought to use him for world domination. Using the Gizoid's data, he created the E Phis for himself. In addition, Eggman gave the Gizoid a Chaos Emerald. However, he refused to fight upon Eggman's orders and would not give him the Emerald back. Deeming him useless, Eggman threw out the Gizoid and decided to rely on his Phis. Ending up on Emerald Beachthe Gizoid was found by Sonic.

Speaking in broken words, the Gizoid asked Sonic to show him his power. Sonic replied by showing him some how to draw omega the robot, prompting the Gizoid to make a Link with him. Sonic then tried taking the Gizoid to Tailsbut the two were intercepted by Shadowwho sought to destroy the Gizoid.

After the two of them made Shadow retreat, the Gizoid and Sonic met Tails, who took the former to his laboratory. There, the Gizoid was analyzed by Tails, who discovered his power duplication function and ability to grow with each Chaos Emerald he acquired. After Sonic returned, the Gizoid was tested out by Sonic, who decided to train him after seeing the Gizoid's potential. After going a few more rounds with the Gizoid, Sonic and Tails took him with them to Knuckles to get a Chaos Emerald from him for the Gizoid, whom Sonic decided to name "Emerl" as a unimaginative reference to what he was powered by.

Along the way, Emerl was allowed to drive off a Phi they encountered by Sonic. Soon after, the trio was attacked by Chaos Gamma in Holy Summitbut they were able to drive him off. Upon arriving at Knuckles' house though, Emerl was mistaken for a Phi by Knuckles, who decided to fight him.

However, Emerl was able to beat Knuckles. Afterward, Emerl received Knuckles' Chaos Emerald, thus allowing him to speak his first full sentence. While sparring with each other later on, Emerl and Sonic were found by Tails, whom Sonic coaxed into sparring how to diagnose milk allergy them.

However, Emerl refused to go with Tails until Sonic told him to obey Tails. Along the way, the two drove off some Phis attacking them.

Upon arriving at the Central Lab however, they were denied access by the security guard. While looking for way in, Emerl and Tails came across Rougewho offered them a lab pass if they could beat her in a duel. There, Emerl was plugged into the main computer.

Upon analyzing Emerl's structural data however, Tails uncovered some secret files, from which he learned that Emerl was an ancient superweapon of mass destruction. However, this triggered the security, which caused Guard Robos to pursue Emerl and Tails. Though Emerl and Tails were able to escape the lab and fight off some Guard Robos, the robots kept coming.

How to test octane in gasoline such, they tried escaping to Holy Summit via the Central Highway. However, they were intercepted by Shadow, who had not given up his goal of destroying Emerl. As Tails fought to protect him, Emerl would help, and together they held their own against Shadow.

However, their duel was interrupted by Rouge, who warned them that Guard Robos were coming before taking the wounded Shadow away. Having escaped the robots, Emerl and Tails encountered Knuckles, whom Emerl unintentionally annoyed until he fought him.

However, the trio was intercepted by Chaos Gamma. As they fought him, Knuckles decided to stay and distract Chaos Gamma while Emerl and Tails made their way back to Sonic. There, Emerl stood on the sidelines while Tails and the newly-arrived Rouge told Sonic the whole story about Emerl. In addition, Rouge told Sonic and Tails how they could reset Emerl and his destructive programming with the Chaos Emeralds.

During their conversation, Emerl was instructed by Sonic to listen to Rouge after she convinced Sonic to give him that command. However, Rouge then suddenly left. Afterward, Knuckles showed up, only to get angry at Emerl when he would not talk to him. Emerl was then ordered by Sonic to directly ignore Knuckles, which made Knuckles decide to settle the score with Sonic in a fight, which Emerl joined in on. Emerl would later hang out with Sonic and Tails at the beach when Amy showed up.

Instructed how to plan european backpack trip listen to Amy, Emerl was left with Tails while Sonic ran away. However, Tails left soon after as well, thus leaving Emerl in the care of Amy, who had gotten the wrong idea about Emerl and had him refer to her as his "mommy". Rouge then showed up and kidnapped Emerl after defeating Amy when she tried to protect him. Since Emerl had been ordered to listen to Rouge earlier, he did not oppose Rouge as he was taken away.

When they arrived at Club "Rouge" though, Amy showed up to rescue Emerl, only to be defeated again. Afterward, Rouge had Emerl undergo some special training in order to make what is the meaning of snorkeling the ultimate robot jewel thief.

On the way there however, Emerl and Rouge were attacked by Amy again. After defeating her, Emerl helped Rouge break into the store what are the steps in new product development steal the Chaos Emerald.

Upon seeing the Emerald however, Emerl took it from Rouge and absorbed it. Emerl then informed Rouge that Sonic was coming. After Sonic fought Rouge, with some subsequent help from Tails and Knuckles, Emerl was overjoyed to "play" with Sonic again. Deciding he was not worth the trouble, Rouge gave Emerl back to Sonic. Emerl later hung out with Tails at his lab when Knuckles showed up to train Emerl.

Happy with that, Emerl trained with Knuckles until they heard a news report about a Phi in Night Babylon. Emerl and Knuckles subsequently set out to take care of the Phi.

When they arrived in Central City, they came across Amy and defeated Chaos Gamma when he attacked how to draw omega the robot. After the latter, Rouge appeared and gave them some background info on Chaos Gamma. As she left, she asked them to be careful, as Chaos Gamma probably wanted revenge on Emerl for taking Eggman's Chaos Emerald. When the duo arrived in Night Babylon though, how to draw omega the robot clerk mistook Emerl for a Phi when they asked around, and summoned a Guard Robo.

After defeating the Guard Robo, Emerl's impatience got on Knuckles' nerves until he yelled at him. Getting upset, Emerl called for Sonic. After trying to calm Emerl down, Knuckles let him be by himself while he looked ahead. However, Emerl would run away to find Sonic. Not what is by poll election in india after, two Phis surfaced nearby, which Emerl and Knuckles destroyed.

There, Tails explained that if they brought him two more shards of the same color, he could assemble them into a whole Chaos Emerald.


"Ware wa meshia nari! Hahahaha! (???????!????????!, "I am the Messiah! Hahahaha!")" Omega, said in the beginning of the battle against his Zero form in Mega Man Zero 3 and Mega Man ZX. Omega (???, Omega), dubbed "the Devil Reploid", "the Ultimate Reploid" and "perfect ruler" by Project Elpizo, is a massive Reploid created during the four years of the Elf. ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. Transhumanism is a philosophical movement, the proponents of which advocate and predict the enhancement of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies able to greatly enhance longevity, mood and cognitive abilities.. Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental .

Agent John Walker is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics , usually those starring Captain America and the Avengers. Mark Gruenwald created Walker to counter the general message in Captain America of patriotism being invariably good, describing him as someone "who embodied patriotism in a way that Captain America didn'tЧa patriotic villain. Okay, Steve Rogers is a poor northern urban boy.

So I'll make a guy from rural middle-class south. Cap is now old, so this guy'll be a real young up-and-comer. Cap has lofty ideals, so I'll make Super-Patriot be more realistic and more pragmatic.

So, I put together his background and character traits by playing the opposite game. This character is the second Super-Patriot character in the Marvel Universe.

The original Super-Patriot's costume bears no resemblance to that used by John Walker. After a return appearance in Captain America , Gruenwald reintroduced the character as the new Captain America in Captain America Though Gruenwald said he would not have done this if it had not been a logical development from the preceding storylines, he also openly acknowledged that the motivating reason for replacing Steve Rogers as Captain America was to boost sales:.

With Iron Man , for example, we had James Rhodes take the lead character's place, and we did it for two yearsЧwhich I'm sure was about a year and a half longer than anybody thought we would do it. So, this is the sort of thing that has been done to shake up people before.

You know, I'm responsible for it in Iron Man and I was editor of Thor at the time of Beta Ray Bill, and believe me it's a trick I know works because I've seen it work a number of times. It's just to get you noticed so that people who don't normally read it will say, "Oh, I heard something about this, let me read it and see. In having Steve Rogers quit as Captain America and John Walker take over the role, Gruenwald stated that he was hoping to "better define what Captain America the concept is by seeing someone groping, trying to live up to it, trying to grasp all the facets of the concept".

Walker soon developed a following of his own, with Gruenwald admitting that his best selling cover of the comic was which had an image of Captain America shooting a firearm, and that this resulted in many fans wanted him to "Rambo-ize" Cap and make him more Punisher or Wolverine-like.

Gruenwald considered this a violation of the character's principles, so decided that he would give the fans what they wanted but that it couldn't be Steve Rogers. Walker's popularity as a character continued to grow, with Gruenwald stating that he had letters from readers saying that they didn't want Steve Rogers to ever return as they saw Walker - regardless of his faults - as more viable, younger, and more interesting because they didn't know what he would do next.

John Walker's installation as Captain America indeed provided a major boost to the series's sales, [2] and he remained the main character of Captain America for issues through , during which his character generally became more heroic.

In Captain America he was given another name and costume change, this time as U. Agent created by writer Mark Gruenwald and artist Kieron Dwyer using a discarded costume of Steve Rogers the original Captain America : a black outfit with a different alignment of the stars and stripes to differentiate it from Steve Rogers' suit.

Agent was popular enough to support his own limited series in During the events of the " Maximum Security " storyline, U. Agent was given a new uniform reminiscent of riot police uniforms.

In August , Marvel announced that U. Agent would be getting a five-issue mini-series to be released in November that year, written by Christopher Priest and illustrated by Stefano Landini. Priest described the storyЧtitled 'American Zealot'Чas "A morality play in five acts".

He continued: "John Walker has been fired. Or he quit. Cousin America. John Walker is a man often at war with HIMself, so Marvel knows no better a protagonist for this journey, this stumble, this Parkour carom through the many visions of the greatest nation on Earth.

John Walker was born in the fictional town of Custer's Grove, Georgia. He grew up idolizing his older brother, Mike, a helicopter pilot who died in the Vietnam War in John wanted to live up to Mike's memory, who was idolized by their parents, and so he later enlisted in the military. John served at Fort Bragg , although it was never specifically stated which unit he was attached to. After John received an honorable discharge from the United States Army, he was told by a friend about the Power Broker , a mysterious individual who gave people superhuman abilities.

Walker, now in debt to the Power Broker, intends to join the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation but meets Ethan Thurm who becomes his manager and persuades Walker to become a hero instead. Thurm secures financial backing, helps Walker design a costume, and sets out a strategy that allows him to debut as the corporate-sponsored Super-Patriot who then travels the country promoting his image to the nation through patriotic rallies and community service.

At a rally in Central Park , he holds a secretly rehearsed performance in which he publicly criticizes Captain America and is subsequently attacked by three extremist supporters called the Bold Urban Commandos or "Buckies". Walker defeats the Buckies in the staged fight as a demonstration of his combat prowess and patriotism. Steve Rogers confronts Walker privately afterwards and demands that he stop using the Buckies, since people attending the rally could have been hurt in a panic resulting from the staged attack.

Walker refuses, arguing that his actions are justified by his quest to replace the outdated Captain America as the nation's symbol. Although Captain America proves to be a more skilled fighter and lands blow after blow, the trash-talking Walker manages to absorb the attacks. With neither man falling after a lengthy brawl, Super-Patriot flings a number of throwing stars at Captain America who is too tired to dodge. One hits in the chest, embedding into Captain America's uniform but doing little to no actual physical damage.

With the successful strike, the gleeful Super-Patriot claims victory and promptly departs. The weary and dejected Captain America tries to tell himself that the fight was a draw, as neither man actually went down but is nonetheless left questioning his own fighting abilities while acknowledging Super-Patriot's superior strength and stamina. Walker catches the eye of the nation though when he tackles the terrorist Warhead who threatens to detonate a nuclear weapon in Washington, D.

Walker scales the monument, disarming Warhead with a throwing star, before sending Warhead plummeting to the ground below. WarheadЧpreferring to go out 'like a man'Чkills himself before hitting the ground by detonating a hand grenade.

This high-profile act makes him an instant celebrity, appearing in The Washington Post and on national television where he claims himself to be "America's future", which in turn brings him to the attention of Valerie Cooper 's role as a Presidential advisor.

Soon after, Steve Rogers abandons Captain America's costume and identity when ordered to report directly to the Commission on Superhuman Activities , feeling that Captain America had grown beyond the name's original role as a symbol of America during the war and not wanting to be tied down to a political agenda.

D, where as in the case of the latter they did not believe that the United States was ready for a black equivalent. Though repulsed by the notion of giving up being Super-Patriot and taking on the Captain America identity he has criticized so much, Walker ultimately answers, "Ma'am, if Uncle Sam wanted me to be Mickey Mouse , I'd do it.

Walker is partnered with Hoskins as the new Bucky but Hoskins later changes the codename to "Battlestar" due to the negative racial name connotations for a black man. The two follow Adrian Sammish's orders. Walker is trained by the Freedom Force , the Guardsmen , and the Taskmaster ЧTaskmaster's training focusing on teaching him how to use Captain America's shield Чand goes on his first mission against the Watchdogs militia group. Another of Walker's early acts as Captain America was a mission to "aid stability and democracy in South America" by teaming up with the Tarantula in order to hunt escaped political dissidents from his home country on behalf of its oppressive regime in order to silence them.

Despite believing in the fight against Communism and in the principle of helping America's "Democratic allies in Latin America", Walker becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the methods used by Tarantula after he interrogates and threatens occupants of an immigration detention center for information on his targets. The two battle and wound Spider-Man , however Walker Ч increasingly conflicted by the fact that both the immigrants who Tarantula interrogated and Spider-Man looked upon him and the uniform he wore with fear, seeing him as an enemy Ч decides to walk away, convincing himself that this course of action was not something that Captain America would support.

Spider-Man ultimately defeats Tarantula and Walker later learns that the individual who gave him his orders to help Tarantula was a rogue agent who did so without legal authority, beating him and telling him that the uniform he wears is supposed to inspire, not terrify.

Although Walker finds himself trying to emulate Rogers's ethics, Walker is more brutal than his predecessor due to his reactionary points of view. His superhuman strength and lack of emotional control lead him to inadvertently beat Professor Power to death. Left-Winger and Right-Winger , the two rejected Buckies, crash the press conference arranged by Cooper to reveal the "new" Captain America and Battlestar, and announce Walker's name and birthplace on national TV.

In a state of rage, he kills many of the Watchdogs, [16] and beats Left-Winger and Right-Winger to a pulp, leaving the two to die in an explosion, [17] and are left terribly burned and in critical condition. The Red Skull attacks Walker with a horde of Walker's enemies, but Walker kills or critically injures the enemies all in a single brawl.

Walker wakes up and throws his shield at the Red Skull, causing the latter to be exposed to his own "dust of death" which resulted in the supervillain's reddish skull appearance, but the Red Skull escapes. Rogers and Walker give a report to the Commission, which returns the Captain America uniform to Rogers.

Rogers declines the offer, but Walker persuades Rogers to reconsider and accept it. At a press conference announcing the original Captain America's return, General Haywerth fakes Walker's assassination by a Watchdog in order to set up Walker in a new identity. To address Walker's psychosis, he is hypnotized into believing his parents are still alive, and he would not recover his full memory for many years. He is also given a new cover identity of 'Jack Daniels' as well as speech therapy and work to erase old mannerisms in order to help hide the fact that he was the man the public had recently seen "assassinated".

Walker soon resurfaced as an adventurer known as the U. Agent, wearing a variation of the Captain costume and using the vibranium disc as a shield. Walker continued to work for the Commission. He was first seen as the U. Agent, battling an Iron Monger as a test for the Commission. The manner of his appointment to the West Coast Avengers team, and his own abrasive attitude, saw U. Agent frequently come into conflict with his colleagues, in particular the headstrong Hawkeye Clint Barton , which culminated in a battle between the two that saw both suspended.

Agent's former employers Ч hesitating over delivering the fatal blow before collapsing in grief Ч his guilt over his long history of violence catching up with him.

While under the employ of the Commission for Superhuman Activities, U. Agent was charged with the responsibility of taking down the Punisher Frank Castle. Agent locates the Punisher and after some hand-to-hand combat, the Punisher discloses in attempting to take down the Maggia ; he agrees to help the Punisher, vowing to take the Punisher into custody once they had done so. Agent takes down the superpowered mercenary Paladin who had been employed to kill the Punisher by the Maggia, breaking both legs with his shield.

Ultimately, the Punisher upon completing the mission escapes U. Agent by dressing a deceased henchman in his uniform and leaving him in a burning building, convincing U. Agent that the Punisher had perished in the fire. Agent is berated by his employers who inform him that his job is to act, not think and declaring that it is no wonder that he failed as Captain America. Agent walks away halfway through his dressing-down. S border who he later discovered were being committed by a corrupt law enforcement official.

Agent investigates the killer "the Scourge of the Underworld" and discovers that Scourge is not an individual at all, but is in fact essentially a franchise of killers trained towards the singular purpose of wiping out the menace posed by the world's various super-villains.

Agent attempts to infiltrate the organization but is captured, tortured and interrogated until he is released by a masked operative who reveals himself to be none other than Mike Walker Ч U. Agent's older brother who he had long thought to have died in the Vietnam War.

Mike tries to convince U. Agent to join the Scourge program before letting him go in order to think it over. It is later revealed that "Mike" is not U. Agent's brother at all but rather a cleverly designed deception intended to lure U. Agent into joining the Scourge program himself.