How to blog with blogger

29.04.2021 By Akinor

how to blog with blogger

Create a blog

Create a blog Sign in to Blogger. On the left, click the Down arrow. Click New blog. Enter a name for your blog. Click Next. Choose a blog address or URL. Click Save. Mar 13, On the page that opens, click the Create Your Blog button. Choose a display name that people will see when they read your blog. This doesnt have to be your real name or your email handle. You can change this later. Once youve entered a name, click Continue to Blogger.. Youre now ready to create your blog.

Starting a blog in can be a superb idea because with the help of blogging you can express your thoughts and share anything with the world. Also If you are wise in this field, then you can earn bkogger decent income from it. It means more than two new blogs published every second. So many blogs are springing up daily with their various topics, and many of them became famous in the world. Suggested Reading Why Blog? You have finished your google blog creation.

However, just creating a blog is not enough. There are many changes that you need to do after creating your blog setup. Now click there to edit some stuff. Adding a description on your blogger blog is very necessary, it helps to describe your reader and search engines that what is your blog about.

This section will help you bloggger optimize your blog homepage, and you can bligger up commenting rules for tto blog readers. These settings are pretty self-explanatory, and if you have any difficulty to understand, then you can click on the help symbol question mark symbol to get more details about it.

In this section, you can optimize your blog for search engines. With the help of these setups, you can able to get better ranking in search engine. Edit meta tags : A meta tag is a brief and concise summary of your blog or website. It supposes to install after the title of the page. The user of a search engine focuses on the description of the post after reading the title of the post.

So, Keep in mind that it is very much necessary that your meta description must be related to what you have written in your blog. Your meta tag description must be written within characters.

You can set any custom text or HTML message instructing them what to do next. Custom redirects : Using this feature you can redirect your full-length permalinks to a shorter one and how to thicken apple pie filling you can redirect your broken links to your site.

Bloy and indexing : These features are imperative because doing proper setup there, a chance to get better ranking in search engine and incorrect configuration can harm your SERP Search engine ranking position or you may lose your search engine visibility. So stay away from this part, if you are not expert. However, if you are keen to optimize your robots. You hlw finished essential SEO setups for your blogger blog.

There you can wiith your all customization stuff like new template installation or modification, edit or remove blogger widgets, logo setup, text color, and style edit and many more. So, I hope you are done finishing your blog setup and customization. Now get ready to write an article in a proper format at Compose section. After finishing b,og article writing chose a suitable post title for it and inserted it on post blogg how to blog with blogger. You can make your article more attractive by adding Headings, Sub-Headings, images, videos, etc.

Keep the process going on and start publishing more contents on your blogger blog. After posting some good stories or articlesyou can apply for Google Adsense approval, or you can try for any other advertising platform. This way you to earn money from your free blogger blog. So, this is my complete guide on how to create a blog on blogger. If you found this guide helpful, kindly give it a share.

Your share is very much helpful to spread our message hoe help more bloggers like you. I write mostly about blogging, new business ideas, innovations, and home living. Why Blog? How to use labels as categories on Google Blogger. It might what is a disciplinary action in the workplace be a good idea to keep the pas yearjust my suggestion my friend!

Thanks for reading my article. BTW the year was showing in Google search section cause that article published on the year This is a clear introduction to setting up a blog using How much does a obgyn doctor make. I was hoping, however, it would also deal with inviting authors and readers and the difference between the two. I set up a blog using Blogger a couple of years ago and in updating it was able to blgoger authors to make a fresh start.

Now, I cannot unblock them. Also, the Follow button does not work. Is this a fault with my settings, or with Blogger? Hi there, Thanks for visiting my blog. Please join me on blig site FB page. We can chat there quickly and able to help you with your issue. Hi Chiranjit, Thanks a lot for the beautiful tutorial. It has been very helpful. Do you have any tutorial on how to increase traffic? Thanks once again. Hi Nirmal, thanks for your feedback. I will try to prepare an article for this topic very soon.

Well, Blogger is hiw bit harder compared witn WordPress but this guide helped me a lot in setting up my first blog. Thank you so much. Interesting Read. How do i bridge my modem to my router often overlook ot features that blogger gives us for free.

But am afraid, Google might call that off soon. They are not pushing major updates. No brother blogger will not stop. A few days ago blogger Internal UI changed completely. You can see there the new material design UI looks much pretty compared to their old design and the blogger post editor what does triton x- 100 do also change a lot.

I believe Blogspot still the best option for beginners, who want to start their first blog. I always learn something new after reading your articles please keep writing and keep spreading the treasure of knowledge.

Bloggger can buy domain from any domain register company such as Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, etc. Buying hos is very easy, you just need to select your preferred domain name and Domain TLD like. If available then you can proceed to buy Process are very similar tp online shopping. I have how early pregnancy symptoms occur all the pages mentioned above and have make 15 posts but how do I apply for Google Adsense or any other platform?

Helpful guidethank you for sharing it! Your article is very informative. I have watched many videos about how to start in a blog in blogger, but you have explained it blogver simple.

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By Chiranjit Bera Last updated Apr 3, 24, Advantages of Starting a Blog on Google Blogger. How to How to blog with blogger a Free Blog with Blogger. Sign Up for a Google Account You need a google account to access your blogger dashboard. So just signup for a Gmail or any Google product to proceed. If you already have an account then skip the step and log in to your account.

Nlogger in to your Blogger Account Go to blogger. Choose a Blogger Profile Once you signed into your Blogger account, for bloh first time, it will ask you to set up a profile nlog your Blogger blogs. You can choose your Google Plus profile or limited blogger BlogSpot profile. Now bloggre your blog name, address, and then pick bogger theme. Lunch your blog once you finished the initial blog setup process, you can able to see your blog dashboard blogter my given screenshot below. Your blogger blog is live now and ready to start blogging.

Steps to Optimize your blogger blog. Add a Description for your Blog. Edit your post, comments and sharing settings on blogger. How to Ohw your blogger blog? Customization allowed in blogger theme and Layout Section. How to Publish your article on blogger blog. Congratulation for your first post!

Change the Title, Address, or Theme of Your Blog

Create a beautiful blog that fits your style. Choose from a selection of easy-to-use templates all with flexible layouts and hundreds of background images or design something new. Get a free domain Give your blog the perfect home. Oct 15, 1. Click the New Blog button. The Create a New Blog window should appear. 2. Apr 08, Choose your blog name and get your blog hosting. Start your blog by adding WordPress. Pick a simple theme to make your blog your own. Add two key blogging plugins to find your readers and track stats.

Learn how to start a blog in less than an hour. Click here to go to the first step. Want to create something meaningful? Why not start a blog? Why not become a blogger? Creating this blog is one of the best decisions Ryan and I ever made.

After all, our blog is how we earn a living. Guess whatneither did we! Clueless, confused, and confounded with choices, we had no idea how to start a blog or how to be a blogger. When should we start? How do we register a domain name?

What is hosting? Which blogging platform should we use? How do we choose a blog theme? What is a plugin? What should we write about? Heck, we could hardly spell HTML, let alone build a blog! But good news: it turns out that starting a blog is much easier than you think. Otherwise, read on. While there are other blogging platforms out there like Blogger. The Minimalists uses WordPress because it gives us greater control over the look and feel of our blogmore creative control than any other platform.

Oh, and WordPress itself is free! These are the exact steps we took when we created this website. If you follow these five steps, you will learn how to set up a blog in less than one hour. The first thing we did when starting our blog was go to Bluehost and register our domain, which is free with hosting.

Click here to jump to the next step. Choose your domain name Your domain name is an important part of your blog because it creates a first impressionit is the name of your blog. Also known as your URL, your domain is also your address on the web. For example, our domain name is www.

So, what do you want to call your blog? While WordPress itself is free see Step 2 below , you need a reliable place to host your WordPress blog your blog needs to be on a server somewhere on the Internet.

For hosting, we recommend Bluehost for several reasons:. Next you will install WordPress, which is free. To begin simply click Log In. WordPress is now installed. Simply click Start Building to go to your new blogging dashboard and continue to Step 3. A theme allows you to pick a design for your blog without the need for coding expertise or design knowledge.

In other words, a good theme helps you to design your blog exactly how you want it to look. They have several beautiful, simple WordPress themes to choose from, and, in fact, you can purchase the same theme we use if you like.

Their themes are feature-rich; plus, once you buy your theme, you will have the same team supporting your work that we trust to support ours. Remember how easy it was to install WordPress? Well installing your blog theme is just as simple. You should already be logged in, but whenever you are signed out go to my. Then, click the Upload Theme button followed by the Choose File button. Find the. We use very few plugins at The Minimalists. Next click Launch the Wizard! Finally, so people can receive our blog posts via email, we established a free Feedburner account.

For a more feature-rich email-subscription service we recommend Constant Contact affiliate link. This is where the fun begins. Now that you have your own blog, you get to make it yours ; you get to turn your vision into a reality. We hope you have loads of fun expressing yourself on your new blog. You have now officially become a blogger.

We receive many emails asking how to blog, about blog topics, and about creating meaningful content. Define Your Ideal Readers. For example, we blog about living a meaningful life with less. Thus, our ideal readers are people who are interested in exploring minimalism so they can clear the path toward more meaningful lives. Add Value. You want to help people solve problems. This is the only way you will get great quality readers to your site and keep them coming back.

We both learned this after a decade of leading and managing people in the corporate world. Be Original. Yes, there are other blogs out there about the same thing you want to write about.

Question: So why is your blog different? Answer: Because of you. You are what makes your blog different. Be Interesting. Write interesting blog posts. Especially if you want people to share it with others. Be Yourself. Part of being interesting is telling your story.

Every person is unique, and your story is an important one. The important part of storytelling, however, is removing the superfluous details that make the story uninteresting. Be Honest. Your blog needs to be authenticit needs to feel realif you want people to read it.

You can be your blog, or your blog can be you. That is, do you really embody the stuff you write about? If not, people will see through it. Perhaps bloggers should build the blog they want to write for the world. Being transparent is different from being honest. Instead, spend the time on your writing. The reason our site design looks good is because we have a great host , we have a great theme , and, most important, we had a vision of how we wanted our blog to look.

Once we had the vision, we worked hard to make that vision a reality. Note: neither of us had any design experience before starting a blog. Find Your Voice. Over time, good writers discover their voice and their writing tends to develop a certain flow, one that is appealing to their readers.

Finding your voice makes your writing feel more alive, more real, more urgent. For additional reading, check out our blog post about Finding Your Voice. We Instead of You.

Use the first-person plural when possible. Statements of we and our are more powerful than you and your , especially when talking about negative behaviors or tendencies.

The first person comes off as far less accusatory. When to Post. Question: When is the best day and time to publish a blog post? Social Media. Focus on the writing first, social media thereafter. Ignore Negative Criticism and Stupidity. We call these people seagulls : They fly in, crap on your site, and fly away.

Delete their comment and move on.