How to block calls on moto g

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how to block calls on moto g

How to block numbers / calls on Motorola Moto G (3rd gen)

Block a number on your Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) with Android Marshmallow from the built-in call log: Open the phone app inside your Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) Head over to the three dots on the right up side of the screen; Select Call Reject; Press on Reject calls from; Tick Private numbers; You can even add numbers here. How to block calls or SMS from a specific number on your Moto G Power Block a phone number. Access your smartphone menu and then “Contacts”. Click the contact you want to block. Then, tap Block calls in general. Access your phone’s settings. Click on “Calls”. Then tap “Additional Settings” >.

If you get tired of receiving sales calls or want to block a particular number, then you can set up auto call rejects on your device. How to treat vertigo from allergies you will get calls from unknown numbers. From these sites you can easily see if the call you received is from a dodgy company or not. Once you have establed that you want to block or reject the call in future, then open your normal Dialler App.

Then go to Logs and find the number you want to block. Long press on the number and select Add to reject list. To manage or manually enter numbers on your reject list, then again open your Dialler App.

Press your Menu key and select Call settings. Then Call rejection. Then selet Auto reject list to see your reject number list. You can also manually add numbers from here. Phone Tips and Tricks. Show All Tips. Looking for more tips? We have tips for the Motorola Moto G. Like us on Facebook. Latest Editorials News.

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From your setting menu of your Motorola Moto G

how to block calls on the Motorola Moto G. You can block unwanted calls through services offered by your phone company or with devices you can buy separately. Learn how to block unwanted calls from a number,follow these steps: Note: To block any incoming call that is not added to the reject list, touch the red Phone icon and drag it to the left. From a Home screen, tap Phone (lower-left). If unavailable, swipe up on a Home screen to display all apps, then tap Phone. Tap the Menu icon (upper-right). Tap Settings. Tap Blocked numbers. Tap ADD A NUMBER. If turning on, you won't receive calls or texts from blocked numbers. Enter the . Feb 10,  · The simplest and quickest way to block hidden calls on your Motorola Moto G Power is to go through the phone options to enable blocking. To get this done, you must go into the phone app of your Motorola Moto G Power. This is the app you use to dial and dial a number. When you are there, go to the keyboard tab and then press the menu key. You then need to go to Call Settings and finally .

It is actually an agonizing situation nevertheless be pleased to know that your Motorola Moto G can become your number one ally. None of these methods involve you to be root of your Motorola Moto G.

You can block a given phone number or every anonymous calls on your Motorola Moto G. You may make use of your phone carrier to block bothersome numbers. This kind of option depends on your operator. To learn more dealing with number blocking, you can access to your personnal dashboard and so go to the settings.

Usually the number blocking is free but not all the time, so be careful! In cases where you can not locate the number blocking on your Motorola Moto G through your mobile carrier, you are able to contact them on social networks like Twitter or Facebook. Usually, they reply even more fast there! If you find that blocking a phone number by way of Android or by way of your mobile phone company on the Motorola Moto G, is stressful, no worries!

You may also consider a third party apps that accomplish the work to help you. All the apps below are free and virus free! Setup any one of the phone number blocker apps to your Motorola Moto G by using the link directly below and experience the silence back again!

As you can see, blocking an unknown number or banish a phone number with your Motorola Moto G is undoubtedly very easy. You have the choice between three simple and easy techniques. Did you handled to block these telephone numbers on your Motorola Moto G after reading our guide?

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