How to become an italian citizen through marriage

01.05.2021 By Zulkidal

how to become an italian citizen through marriage


After eighteen months of marriage to an Italian citizen, you are entitled to apply for citizenship. However, you will need to wait until at least two years after the date of this marriage to obtain citizenship from your local consulate. For those living outside of Italy, this . Applicants interested in Italian citizenship through marriage will have to submit their application directly online (as listed below). Following the submission of the documentation, the applicant will be contacted for the deposit of the original documents and payment of the other fees. 1.

Spouses of Italians including same sex marriage can apply for Italian citizenship under one of the following conditions:. Obtaining Italian Citizenship through Marriage can be challenging given the time sensitivity of documents and obtaining the marriage certificate from Italy if you were married outside of the Country. We offer a minute phone consultation which includes the following:.

After citiaen consultation, we will provide you with you with a summary and recommendations. We can assist you with the following aspects of your application:.

Click here to schedule your appointment now. Please Note: All background clearances must be dated no more than six months before application. As of August 1,new regulations have been italisn in how much does it cost to install pool with the spousal citizenship application process.

Applicants will then be contacted by the relevant consulate jurisdiction of an appointment date in which to appear at the consulate with the original documents. An individual must apply through the Italian Consulate where the Italian spouse is registered with current residence. Although the naturalization law for spouses of Italian citizens applies regardless of place of legal residence, each consulate has slightly different procedures regarding itaian procedures.

Please check marrlage the Italian Consulate of the Jurisdiction where the Italian Spouse is registered for more information or contact how to do well on an interview to schedule a phone consultation. Note: Marriiage who married men marrriage April 27, are eligible for automatic citizenship through their Italian husband, if currently married.

Italiano Naturalization through an Italian Spouse Spouses of Italians including same sex marriage can apply for Italian citizenship under one of the turough conditions: 2 years from the date of marriage if residing in Italy, or after 3 years from the date of marriage if residing abroad. We offer a minute phone consultation which includes the following: Review of the application requirements specific to the Italian Consulate Jurisdiction in which you reside, confirming that the spouse of the Italian is eligible to apply for citizenship through marriage.

Italian marriage certificate marriages outside of Italy must be recorded and obtained from the Town Hall where the Italian spouse is registered. This document must be obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Do You Qualify?

You can also secure Italian citizenship by marriage to your Romo or Juliet. If this is your situation, you can gain citizenship after two years of marriage while living in Italy, or you can wait three years if you’re living outside of the country. You’ll have to apply for citizenship either way, however. Italian citizenship through marriage or civil union to an Italian citizen is regulated by Articles 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Law n. 91 of on Italian Citizenship. The non-Italian Spouse married to an Italian citizen can apply for Italian citizenship by marriage after two years from the marriage/civil union, if residing in Italy. Below are the public guidelines for applying for Italian citizenship through marriage: A male or female (foreign or stateless) spouse of an Italian citizen may apply for Italian citizenship after being married for two years if residing in Italy, or after three years from the date of marriage if he/she resides abroad, by presenting a request for naturalization accompanied by the following.

Those who applied before that date will not have to submit a language certificate or pay an additional 50 euros for the application fee. However, all new and pending applications will now have to wait up to 4 years to receive their Italian citizenship.

While the group first started for those applying for citizenship through ancestry, they now include those applying through marriage. It is focused on Americans, but there is a lot of useful information there both in the comments on the page as well as in the Unit section.

It is up to date and you can read about the experiences of others. I find it really helpful. Thank you, Marituccio! In the meantime, I wrote to the consulate numerous times and only when I told them that I was moving back to Italy that I got a response — first they looked at my application online and then they called me for an interview. I feel for them and understand that people in the consulates across the world are overworked.

So, be prepared to wait. If you apply for citizenship within Italy, the process can be a lot faster. If you are married to an Italian citizen, you are eligible for citizenship after being 2 years of marriage if you reside in Italy and 3 years if you live abroad. You can apply after 18 months no matter where you are if you have a child together.

Substitute your country and state where applicable. Documents You Need. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank you for posting your story! I cannot begin to tell you about the hoops of fire I had to jump through to sponsor him for his U.

With everything now being handled online, that is a relief. However, I do know there is an interview and an oath ceremony. Are Italian spouses required to be present for either or both? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hi Kim! Thanks for reading! We were able to get it easily from them because we had already registered our marriage at the consulate in London who then notified the comune back in Venice where he had previously been a resident. Can I ask, how long did it take to get approved from the time you presented all of the paperwork at the questura? It took 10 months and my process was sped up as we were moving to Italy and needed our application processed before we left.

I think other people who have commented on this post have waited at least a year and half to be seen. So Im expecting to wait at least 3 years before I become an Italian citizen.

Good luck! Hi Giovanna! Thanks so much for writing this post, I love the title! Well, I though that was it and that I would have soon my citizenship accepted but it seems that it can take a while still? Did you apply for a permesso di soggiorno? Has it affected your citizenship application at all? Sorry for all these questions but I am about to lose mu sanity here hh. Thanks so much!! Hi Larissa, Congratulations on submitting your application at the consulate today!

Once you hand in your original documents, the process can take from years if you handed in your application after 20 December, when the new law was instated that shortened the wait times. Any application submitted from then had a wait time of 4 years. When I moved to Italy back in I was still waiting for my citizenship to come through, so I had to apply for my permesso di soggiorno.

I wrote all about it here. Because of Covid, you may have to fill out a modulo found at the post office and submit it there to get an appointment instead of just showing up at the questura like I did. Hope this helps and good luck! Hi Giovanna Thank you for sharing this! I applied online on August also for London and still waiting for their answer.

Where Can I check my status or call them? Do you have any number I could use? I check my email every day looking for this reply and nothing! From my experience, I waited almost a year before I had my appointment at the consulate.

I then had my appointment in October. You can contact the citizenship office by email and they usually respond in a day or two. Once you have your appointment at the consulate, by law, they have to process your application within two years. Because when I applied it was two years, but the new law is 4 years, I will be greatful to get any answer thank u guys.

I am like you, I have applied through london since dec online, there has been no response not even email to accept or deny the application..

I email them around 19 feb. Could anyone please advise? Many thanks Fabiana. The pdf is the application you submitted which you can download and next to that pdf symbol is another little symbol. Hope that helps, x. Do you mean right after I marry my Italian boyfriend, I can immediately start applying for an Italian citizenship without waiting for 2 years?

I will be marrying my Italian boyfriend sometimes next month in our local comune, near to Padua. Perhaps you can check with the consulate of your region in the US. They could tell you better.

The Feb amendment was done to include non-marriage civil partnership; a provision to include same sex marriages performed abroad. The registered partnership duration period still applies. Thanks Adi. I assume that was because of the long processing times for the application. Hi again! Do you work with an Italian accountant to help manage filing American and Italian taxes?

We have an American accountant.. Any advise for agencies would be great. Thanks so much! Hi Laura! Maybe we could help each other. Hi Giovanna, are there any travel restrictions during the application processing? I am also going to be applying from London, but does this mean I have to stay in London till its done?

Is it 2 year wait after you submit the application or after you have your interview with consulate? Hi Elena, There are no travel restrictions during the application process.

If you move out of the jurisdiction of the consulate during the process, you have to let them know so they can find you when the process is complete. Hope this helps and best of luck with the application!

Thank you for this post, I am preparing to apply in London and starting to think about getting the documents. I saw that the Consulate advises you to get some documents done only after getting the interview appointment because they expire in 6 months. But then how can you upload them in step 3? At the interview will they accept the same documents you uploaded, even if expired? Thank you again for sharing your experience!

Hi Henry, Your police records need to be under 6 months old when you apply online and upload them to the site. They will still be valid when you go to your interview to present the original documents because the documents refer to the date from when you made the application. Good luck with the application! I am having the same dilemma I submitted my application May I have been married for 17 years, have sent few emails to the embassy requesting an update still not getting any reply back from the embassy not sure if I am sending the email to the correct department.

I do understand they are understaffed, being transparent and giving guidelines for the waiting time on the website does go a long way. Hi Tosin, Ah, I know how you feel. Also, they checked my application in August and then emailed me my consulate appointment two weeks before I had to go in.

Now that my application has been accepted and sent to the Questura in Venice, I now will most likely wait up to two years for the citizenship to finally go through as once the Questura looks at it, they will send it to Rome. Good luck with everything! Hope you are doing well. All I have to do now is wait for the interview date.