How to be a black scene kid

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how to be a black scene kid

Black scene kids can follow the typical scene culture, or can stray away, sometimes they are labeleg goth's by stupid black parents/adults who know nothing about today's youth. Black scene boys can have relaxed hair to make it straight and silky, but can also have a low cut/shaved head or a . Apr 28,  · Going to start uploading videos every Monday & Tuesday. Comment below on what you guys want to see next!

Throughout our lives, we go through multiple changes and phases. For scene kids, that time was filled with band tees, rebellion, and bright colors. Every scene kid knew a wristband was the perfect accessory for any outfit. While most people stick to one or two bracelets, scene kids would layer multiple wristbands up their arms.

Whether it was a wristband of your favorite band or a catchy phrase, it was another way to show your sense of style. Despite the limited movement and multiple wedgies, scene kids were adamant about wearing skinny jeans for any occasion. It was the perfect place to pick up an abundance of band tees and vinyl. Coon Tails, also called Racoon Tails, where strands of hair that were horizontally dyed two colors.

While some scene kids stuck to traditional blonde and black strips, others experimented with purple and pink, green and blue, any color combination you can imagine. Whether it be studded, decorated with fake bullets or a spooky design, belts made a statement while also keeping those skinny jeans from falling.

Now we look back on it and realize our parents were right. For every scene kid, teasing your hair and giving it that extra volume was crucial. Despite multiple hours in the sun and hours of walking on a dirt-covered parking lot, Warped Tour was the biggest event for every scene kid to attend. With multiple stages and dozens of musicians performing, Warped Tour was the perfect opportunity to hear your favorite songs and meet the people who inspired you every day.

From the moment Warped Tour ended, scene kids were counting down the next days until they could go again. Dying your hair as a scene kid was an absolute must. Whether it was hot pink, bright red, or turquoise, scene kids found pride in the funky colors they chose to rock.

Dying your hair was another way to express yourself and stand out from a crowd. Despite our love for heavy metal and rock, scene kids had a soft side as well. To this day, Brendon Urie is considered an idol to scene kids. With his ability to put on a flawless show, his multi-talented background with acting, singing, and dancing, as well as his ability to make his voice go from super high to very deep, Urie amazed scene kids everywhere.

Even if Panic! We have no idea, but looking back on it, it was super cringe-worthy. While every scene kid aspired to have the same hair and style as What is the education system like in peru Williams, her singing was just as impressive. Once the solo how to convert mkv files to burn as a dvd, every scene kid felt like a rock star as they played their air guitar.

Despite growing out of the bands we once listened to religiously, we know every word to every song. For some of us, our scene phase was the best years of our lives. We were able to meet our favorite bands, express how to be a black scene kid in the most eccentric ways, and formed a family among our fellow scene kids. While some us of look back on our scene phase and cringe, we know it will always be a part of who we are.

Even though Race shouldnt be the factor I almost gaged when I saw "twistedbabydoll's" definition of black scene kids. Heres the truth We dont wear bright polos, rhinestone studs,waves in our hair, jordans, or whatever crap you came you with. Kanye West is not a legend, we dont date women in hiphop videos or drive luxury cars, as for the boys. Feb 01,  · Dye your hair black or any bright color that you like. Bright or rainbow hair colors are one of the most recognizable scene kid traits! To get bright hair colors like pink, blue, and green to show up, you will need to bleach your hair first, then apply the dye. Be Views: M. just you know.. if you ever want to know.. watch this ;)We don't mean to be rude to anyone who is a scene kid, or who likes this style.

Top definition. The person that wrote the last entry is flat out wrong A scene kid is a scene kid. Wild hair , caked on make-up, obnoxiously obsessed with shows, either straightxedge or hardxcore , and usually has thousands of friends on a popular social networking site. Race doesn't matter. They don't look white to me though. So what? Black scene kids are "scene" nonetheless. Apr 22 Word of the Day. When you eat dirt for the first time and leave your family to build a shack in the woods.

Bro since I got dirtpilled on Tuesday I have made sooo many worm friends and made them soo many little houses to get married in. Black Scene Kids. Black scene kids are basically and overa all like regular scene kids. They face the same stereotypical scrutiny, only because they are black it is sometims harder, or more difficult to explain what you are seing as how the african american culture is still working on their adjustment to this kind of "change" in the status quo.

Braids are not common. They can wear skinny jeans, band tees, vans, nikes, any ,kind of shoes and clothing that is typically seen in the scene culture. This goes for both sexes. They, like normal scene kids, and people in general, are free to branch out their range of musical interest.

I love black scene kids xD Is it me or are black scene kids with corbin bleu fros really hot? Black scene kid. Including: o Emo and Screamo o Black scene kids may find that pulling off the look may be harder for them because the make up and hair often times are made more so to cater to people who are of fair or pale skin and straight hair. More typical black-american hair is curly, kinky, or 'nappy' and not straight.

This stigma may also come from the closed minded approach that black-americans have to fit a certain stereo-type that is often times placed upon other black-americans by themselves and others.

Please keep in mind, people have the freedom to express themselves how ever they want to and should not be discriminated against because of such.

Individuality is the greatest form of personal expression and if one chooses to be a "scenester" then let them be who they are.

I am in no way shape or form self-hating , racist, a scene kid or anything of that nature, I just just feel that I know enough on the subject to post a definition. If you don't like my definition post your own like I did. Example of a close minded black-american's take on a Black scene kid: "What the hell is wrong with that nigga? Why is his hair straight? Is that nigga a fag? Black people don't dress like that! Apr 22 trending 1. Watermelon Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread 3.

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